Machine Learning Scientist, Ads Ranking (Shanghai)

3+ months agoShanghai, China


SmartNews is a leading mobile app of news aggregation services. It analyzes millions of articles to deliver the most engaging information with high quality in near-real-time fashion to millions of users around the world. Our Ads Ranking team works on a range of recommendation and optimization problems, e.g. CTR/CVR prediction, ltv prediction, lookalike audience building, dynamic bidding algorithm. Responsibilities Develop Ads Ranking core systems and algorithms, including ads targeting, ranking, auction, strategy, model serving reliability, etc. Build highly scalable machine learning systems/models to improve ads ranking quality. Relevant model types include but are not limited to user click through rate prediction model, user conversion prediction model and user targeting model. Explore, develop and experiment with new features to improve model accuracy. Understand ads platform objectives and take full advantage of modern machine learning to improve ads relevance, quality, and quantity delivered to end-users. Partner with product specialist to define and continuously improve product strategy and features.

Job ID: SmartNews-72719A647A