Engineering Manager, Ai Foundation

3+ months agoBeijing, China


SmartNews is a leading mobile app of news aggregation services. It analyzes millions of articles to deliver most engaging information with high quality in near-real time fashion to millions of users around the world. Our AI Foundation team is responsible to research and develop world-class AI algorithms that can be applied at large scale to accomplish our mission. It works on a range of content understanding, user modeling and recommendation problems, which include natural language processing tasks of classification, entity recognition, summarization, computer vision of image/video processing, collaborative filtering, etc. The team generally produces good content/user signals and state-of-art recommendation models to the News Ranking and Ads Ranking team to deliver the world's high quality information to the people who need it. Responsibilities Build and manage an organization that could include multiple teams to accomplish company objectives for developing and implementing state-of-art machine learning algorithms that have product impact Provide guidance, mentorship, and coaching to the foundation team Collaborate with key stakeholders and partners to understand business needs, set technical and research roadmap for content-based recommendations. Lead cross-organizational projects to improve machine learning models that benefit company OKR Set visions for company's research direction to be industry leading in areas of personalized discovery, natural language processing and related areas In this position, you are expected to lead your team members on one or more of the following areas to provide cutting edge solutions or core technologies for SmartNews. At this senior management level, you are required to have overall understanding of corporate AI landscape, and set visions/roadmaps in its directions with senior members of the team General Machine Learning, Deep Learning Natural Language Processing (entity recognition, categorization, text embedding, etc) Knowledge Graph Recommendation and Ranking Algorithms Promote AI first culture and distill AI mindset across engineering teams

Job ID: SmartNews-862C103133