Service Operations Engineer

As a Service Operations Engineer, you’ll become an expert in what customers need and in solving their challenges hands-on. You’ll be part of a client-facing engineering team working with some of the biggest and most advanced performance marketers globally. You’ll be a front line firefighter and a system builder, making sure all the valuable information from the customers is being heard and turned into action. You will spend roughly 50 % of your time on development and 50 % consulting and guiding customers.

This role comes with great responsibility and requires a variety of skills: you’ll serve as a vital link, translator and communicator between customers and our equally world class product development team. You will have the opportunity to work closely with our core Engineering, Product and Marketing teams and learn from all of them. Ideally. you can’t wait to get your hands on building processes and scaling things up quickly. Your heart beats for the customer and serving them with understanding and care.

The Service Operations Team

In the Service Operations team, you will provide technical consultation on various Facebook technologies related to Advertising, Pages, Platform and Mobile. On any day, you could be guiding a customer through the setup of a new Facebook advertising product like Dynamic Product Ads, and fixing a bug they found in the process five minutes later. As this team is responsible for making sure that the problems they find will not come back, you’ll get to the customer’s life easier as well as improve our core product.
None of your days will be quite alike – exciting times guaranteed!

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As a Service Operations Engineer at, you will

  • Make sure that Smartly is known for the best-in-class service globally
  • Understand the business ecosystem deeply, identify problems and solutions for businesses
  • Build technical expertise in Facebook products including Ads API, Pages, Platform and provide consultative guidance to businesses
  • Manage relationships with product teams and decision makers at businesses
  • Work with the technological challenges of world’s largest online advertisers
  • Help launch products including supporting Alpha and Beta programs
  • Handle support escalations
  • Quickly resolve advertiser issues, including campaign performance and product bugs
  • Collaborate with customers, account managers and product development team to design new product features and improve existing ones
  • Build internal and external facing materials for support and education

  • Work with the nicest and brightest teammates in a flat organisation
  • Have the opportunity to rotate globally between offices from 2 weeks to 12 months or longer
  • Have a competitive salary + option plans
  • Recharge yourself with full 5 weeks of paid annual leave
  • Enjoy weekly breakfasts, Friday demos with beer and monthly sports with the team

We're definitely looking for you, if you have

  • A genuine interest in online marketing
  • Empathy and understanding for people from different cultures and backgrounds as well as the ability to work with global customers
  • An analytical and technical mindset
  • A technical background and programming skills.
  • Willingness to push yourself to exceed your goals and an ability to learn new things quickly
  • Always looking to improve and automate - being “lazy” with manual tasks is good quality. You can build your own tools to help you and rest of the team.
  • Very fluent spoken and written English
  • Familiarity with AngularJS or some other modern Javascript framework

We're super excited, if you have

  • Fluency in German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese or other major languages
  • Experience in technical client facing roles
  • An eye for visual design, usability and user experience
  • Professional experience in programming and web development. Our tech stack includes Ruby on Rails, Scala, React+Redux+Flow, PHP, MongoDB, Cassandra and PostgreSQL.

The recruiting process hires people that are extremely quick to learn new things because online marketing and Facebook as a platform evolve incredibly fast all the time. Our recruiting steps are designed to give you a realistic glimpse of the job, but also to test your ability and willingness to learn quickly and apply the fast-changing concepts of online advertising to maximize positive impact for your customers.

The recruiting process is an opportunity for both you and us to see if we're made for each other. 

STEP 1 - Tell us about yourself in an application. We go through and reply to each and every application we've received.

STEP 2 - Crack a homework assignment to showcase your current skill level. 

STEP 3 - We have a general interview about your ambitions,'s culture, your potential role and we will test your skills about Facebook advertising
STEP 4 - Sales demo simulation where you need to convince us to start trial with the tool.

STEP 5 - Discussions with our management team.

Meet Some of's Employees

Trett J.

Business Development

Trett cultivates new relationships and helps clients employ Smartly to generate fast results. He also stays close to the actual product and technical infrastructure.

Riikka P.

Business Development

Riikka focuses on building relationships with clients who would benefit from Smartly. She inspires feature and service development by keeping the feedback loop active with internal teams and customers.

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