Senior Quality Engineer

Slack is looking for experienced and skilled Senior Quality Engineers who enjoy continuously exploring and challenging the unknown unknowns that present themselves throughout the project lifecycle. This includes creating test strategies, identifying and investigating bugs, and evaluating epics and stories for risks and dependencies. We are the experts in user experience testing, driving quality toward “what is best for the user”, advocating strongly for bug fixes where customers are noticeably impacted and creating comprehensive historical records of testing activities to champion quality throughout the software development lifecycle.

Product development at Slack is split into teams of engineers, designers, and product managers working together on features. As a Senior Quality Engineer at Slack, you would become a full-time member of one of these teams, focusing on just one or two projects at a time to ensure that we have a solid and well-executed test strategy before launching new features to the public.

What you should have:

  • A deep understanding of software testing methodologies, techniques and test design thinking, and how to exercise these in a dynamic and scaling environment.
  • Ability to be impactful when navigating technical conversations with product and development driving to high quality resolutions, building confidence in quality and delivery.
  • Expertise in testing of native clients and desktop applications on desktop & mobile platforms (Android or iOS) utilizing both physical devices and running on simulators/emulators.
  • You like thinking of ways to improve efficiency or bring delight to the people you work with.
  • Experience working with Unix and Git.
  • Experience in working with any of the following automation frameworks and/or knowledge of JavaScript: RSpec, Watir, or Nightwatch.js.
  • Experience using mobile development tools: Xcode, Android Studio, Charles Proxy, etc.

What you will be doing:

  • Work with a variety of teams - Engineering, Design, Product, Customer Experience  to design and own test strategies for new features and functionality, enabling quality from the beginning.
  • Identify, develop and maintain a robust library of test approaches (manual and automated) for both new and existing features.
  • Design, run and execute evolving regression testing on an ongoing basis Slack changes frequently and rapidly.
  • Partner with the Customer Experience team to continuously challenge our test strategies against most recent customer data before launching.
  • Be a reliable, encouraging, and critical thinking source of early feedback on new functionality and feature changes.
  • Effectively communicate the quality of the product through meaningful metrics and applicable qualitative data.
  • Help build a shared vision of Quality for the product that resonates across the whole team.

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