Customer Experience Enterprise Lead

At Slack, our mission is to make people’s working lives simpler, more pleasant and more productive. Our Customer Experience team lives this every day, by providing delightful experiences to our customers. We have a healthy roster of Fortune 100 companies that rely on Slack for their day-to-day communication, and they have highly customized support needs. Enterprise Team members ensure that the support offered to these companies on Slack is top-notch.

As a member of our Enterprise Support Team at Slack, you will be responsible for providing guidance and assistance to our largest and most strategic customers. This is a demanding role that requires a unique skillset. As the owner of customer satisfaction for the customers you work with, you will act as a product advocate and nimble technician. Your job is to ensure that any barriers to team growth are removed, no matter the complexity of the customer’s Slack implementation. 

We consider Customer Experience essential to Slack’s success. Taking this job is an opportunity to do the best work of your life and support others in doing the same. Interested in joining us?


  • Deliver fast and accurate answers to our most strategic customers over email, chat, and phone as needed.  
  • Contribute to the ongoing learning and success of your team and the company by sharing knowledge through mentorship, collaboration, and documentation.
  • Spot trends in Enterprise customer issues and escalate them as needed.
  • Proactively support the Customer Success team and triage all incoming requests.
  • Identify, reproduce, and document bugs or pain points for the engineering and Product teams.
  • Master all specialized features of the Slack Enterprise Grid product, and troubleshoot them through testing and collaboration with others.


  • You are a fluent English speaker.
  • You are a strong, confident communicator that excels at collaborative cross-functional work and knows how to be empathic and articulate.
  • You care deeply, genuinely and passionately about customer support and customer success.
  • You relish the challenge of solving complex issues such as SSO, DLP, product migrations, and complex configurations.
  • You are self aware and adaptable in rapidly changing situations.
  • You are analytical - you easily synthesize education, product, and support opportunities for a customer and spot trends.
  • You have prior experience working with customers by email, phone and/or chat and know how to do it well.
  • You put your team above yourself, elevating the group’s performance through proactive collaboration and knowledge-sharing.
  • You work exceptionally well with others, and enjoy training and mentoring your teammates, following Slack’s learning philosophies to teach them what you know.  
  • You have a track record of success as a support agent working directly with company administrators in a B2B SaaS environment.
  • You know when something is over your head and when to ask for help, but are also able to dig in to uncover solutions on your own.
  • You maintain composure and calm in stressful situations, both written and verbal, with colleagues and customers.

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