Customer Experience Engineer

Do you have a knack for solving complex technical issues and a way with words? Do one or more of the following sound familiar?

  • You deeply enjoy people, but don't mind working alone.
  • You know (and love) the differences between IRC, XMPP and XKCD.
  • You have a preferred Linux distro but you don't find it important to argue about it.
  • Your thirst for problem solving is second only to your thirst for... beverages.
  • You learned to use R and Minitab in stats class and never needed them again, but could probably pick them back up if you had the right project.
  • You have an empathetic desire to help your fellow humans work in a simpler, more pleasant and more productive fashion.

If so, we may have just the opportunity for you.

As a Customer Experience Engineer at Slack, you will not only assist our customers with their particularly complex issues, but also play a critical role in elevating the Customer Experience team itself. This is not an entry-level support role; this is for those who have a true passion for translating complex concepts into easily understood models and who love arts and letters as much as 1s and 0s. This is challenging role that is critical to the success of our customers and the entire CE team.


  • Effectively resolve customer inquiries in a considerate and timely manner, composing thoughtful, personalized responses for a variety of customer requests
  • Dig into logs and use other tools to identify severity of emergent issues and work with the CE team to address them
  • Contribute to the ongoing learning and success of your team, and the company, by sharing knowledge through mentorship, collaboration, and aiding in documentation
  • Identify, reproduce, and document bugs for the engineering teams
  • Assist the product development and QA teams by testing new features and bug fixes and surfacing customer feedback


  • You are self-directed, comfortable seeking solutions to big-picture objectives in the absence of explicit directives.
  • You exhibit creativity, follow-through, and commitment to excellence in your work and receive constructive feedback gracefully.
  • You are skilled at explaining technical problems and issues succinctly and clearly to customers, engineers, and to non-technical team members.
  • You have a strong understanding of impact to large business when something goes down, and commitment to seeing issues through to resolution. You're able to maintain confident demeanor and excel under pressure in a rapidly changing environment.
  • You are a strong, confident, and exacting writer.
  • College degree or equivalent professional experience required.

Technical Requirements

  • You have basic knowledge of internet infrastructure and know how to navigate corporate network environments, including firewalls and proxy configurations.You are fluent in using a variety of troubleshooting tools (e.g., Ping, Traceroute, nslookup, Dig, and browser developer consoles).
  • You understand single-sign on authentication (e.g., SAML, NTLM, Okta, OneLogin, Kerberos, etc.).
  • You are well-versed in Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, including advanced knowledge of system preferences and a familiarity with using the command line in each system. You are able to install and maintain several OS versions and configurations for testing.


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