战略采购工程师/strategic Purchasing

2 weeks agoZhenzhou, China

What are my responsibilities?

Preparing and conducting contract and price negotiations. Implement supply strategies to ensure the cost-effective supplying of materials准备并执行合同及价格谈判,实施供应策略来确保物料的有效供应

Lead supplier evaluation regularly on the basis of cross functional team, Review and monitor supplier capacity to be sure supply delivery meet production demand on time;以团队职能多元化为基础领导定期的供应商评估,回顾并监控供应商生产能力以满足生产需求

Drive commodity team to define commodity strategy to meet business need, lead early supplier involvement, explore MCP measurement to contribute to CNI.带领物料小组成员定义物料策略来满足业务需求,领导前期采购,探索MCP措施为CNI做贡献

Coordinate different commodity within SPR and participate in new/DtC project as interface to realize material cost productivitiy during project realization.在采购部门内部协调各种物料问题,参加新项目/成本优化项目并在其过程中成为实现物料成本生产力的接口

Supplier management for continuously performance improvement, control supply risk and meet company supply chain sustainability requirement.供应商管理,控制供应风险来满足公司供应链可持续发展的需求

What do I need to qualify for this job?

Over 5 years of Sourcing/procurement experiences, or equivalent within supplier management functions in industry,experience in industrial motor relevant material procurement management preferred (E-steel,Iron/Alu. Casting etc.). 五年以上采购经验,有工业电机相关物料采购管理经验优先(硅钢,铸铁,铸铝件等。)

Project management experience and can drive crossfunction team to meet project target.项目管理经验,能够推动多功能化的团队来满足项目目标有供应商管理经验

What else do I need to know?

Professional expertise in procrement 采购专业知识Negotiation skills 谈判技巧Process knowledge 流程知识

Project Management 项目管理

finance/cost analysis 财务/成本分析

Commercial Knowledge 商务知识

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Standard Motors Ltd.

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

Job ID: SIemens-242808-en-us