Siemens Technology Blockchain Application Development Expert

3+ months agoMudu, China

• Track the development of the blockchain's cutting-edge technology, explore and promote the research of the blockchain's landing scenarios and technical solutions in the industrial field

• Responsible for the architecture design and research and development of industrial blockchain application products/solutions based on Fabric Hyperledger

负责基于Fabric Hyperledger的工业区块链应用产品/解决方案的架构设计及研发工作

• Bachelor's degree or above in computer related majors, 985/211 universities are preferred, 3+ years working experiences

• Grasp the blockchain-related mechanisms and underlying implementation principles, understand blockchain protocols, and understand various mainstream consensus algorithms

• Proficient in at least one of Golang, Nodejs, Python, Java

精通 Golang、Nodejs、Python、Java 中至少一种
• Have actual development experience in blockchain commercial projects, familiar with in at least one of Hyperledger fabric, Ethereum, and Bitcoin

有区块链商用项目的实际开发经验,熟悉 Hyperledger fabric、Ethereum、Bitcoin 中至少一种
• Familiar with modern cryptography or network security related technologies, and have research on cryptography, security protocols and encryption algorithms

• Excellent English skills, both in written and oral

Organization: Technology

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time