SEDL IT Department Manager 西门子电气传动 IT部门经理

1 month agoYangcun, China

What's my responsibilities?

Overall responsible for IT management of SEDL, which include IT asset management, infrastructure management, Application management, ERP system support, factory digitalization realization, information security management, Cyber Security Management and IT outsourcing service management and so on.


Develop an IT roadmap and strategy for Digitalization and IT system aligned with DI and China strategy. Manage and implement headquarter/local IT project.

根据DI和西门子中国战略,制定SEDL数字化和IT系统的路线图和战略。 管理与实施公司总部和本地推进的IT项目。

Ensure the compliance of information security and cyber security in office and production environment. Performs internal audits and support external audits.


Ensure software asset management according to Siemens policies. Check for inappropriate use of the available systems and/or the use of illegal software. Keeps originals of all software licenses and proofs of purchase of licenses on file.


Drive high IT reliability and stability of software, hardware and network. Ensure IT infrastructure operation smoothly and efficiently.


Manage and control IT budget and investment. Improve productivity from IT cost control.

管理和控制IT投资和预算, 提高生产力。

Networking and collaborate with HQ and MC factories in China and global to improve the IT competence.


Complete other tasks assigned by superior.


What do I need to qualify?

Bachelor or above; Major in IT related field

本科及以上学历, IT相关专业

More than 10 years experience, including 5 years and above experience in IT management


Strong IT project management experience and skill


Multi-company working experience is preferred


Familiar with SAP is preferred


Software development background is preferred


Excellent English communication skill


Strong leadership and capacity of planning, organize and coach


Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Electrical Drives Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

Job ID: SIemens-231037-en-us