Research Scientist_Senior Software Architect研发科学家_资深软件架构

    • Shanghai, China

What are my responsibilities?

The Software Architect drives and guides the specification and implementation of a software architecture for a project

The Software Architect provides the architecture vision of a whole project or a subsystem over all its domain and technical aspects and ensure this vision's sustainability

Mission & Tasks:

His/her decisions are driven by a clear focus on the intended business with the software and its associated requirements coming from product managers, product lifecycle managers.

He/she is guided by maturity, vision, depth of domain and technical experience and the ability to identify, analyze, and decide on relevant issues in time and with courage, even in the absence of complete information.

The Software Architect coaches, and motivates developers in his/her team over the entire lifetime of a project to enable, support, and enforce an appropriate implementation, maintenance, quality assurance, test, and evolution of the software architectures he/she designed, even in the face of challenging, changing, and evolving business cases, requirements, realization technologies.

Before taking important decisions, that are costly to change, he/she involves the project manager in the decision making process.

Develop and advance the methodology in this field based on internal research and the adoption of research results from university partners

Generate business impact with regard to development efficiency and perceived product quality based on the developed methodology

What do I need to qualify for this job?

Methodologies and Knowledge:
• Lean / Agile SW development processes
• Tools and methods for static and dynamic code analysis
• Testing for non-functional requirements
• Software Quality Models
• Test-Driven Development
• Refactoring

• First hand experience in

o SW development in an industrial context

? quality-driven SW design

? implementation of SW designs (preferred language: C#, Java)

? testing of SW on different levels: unit testing, integration testing, system testing and etc.

o working in agile teams (e.g. SCRUM)
• Good experiences in

o project management

o stakeholder-oriented presentation of complex topics
• basic understanding of

o business development

o customer relationship management

• Master or above, major in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related
• independent planning, structuring and execution of assignments within area of responsibility
• creativity to find innovative solutions beyond existing boundaries
• Strong interpersonal skills and ability to interact successfully with end users, clients, and the general public
• Willingness to travel on occasion
• Chinese and English language skills are essential. Fluent English in reading and writing.


Organization: Corporate Technology

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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