Research Scientist_Industry Security Researcher研发科学家_工业安全研究员

    • Mudu, China


For our Corporate Technology (CT) in Beijing, Siemens is looking for a industry security researcher at earliest opportunity.

What are my responsibilities?

- Follow state of the art security vulnerability mining and exploiting, software cracking and system attacking technology;

- Test, identify and analyze security vulnerabilities of different (embedded) industrial control devices/system, network traffic and other industrial applications;

- Research on innovated (automatic) security vulnerability mining technology, and guide R&D team to deliver the corresponding security tools;

- Deliver industry security projects, research results, and practices for customers;


- 跟踪最前沿的安全漏洞挖掘和利用技术、软件破解及系统攻防技术;

- 完成对(嵌入式)工业控制设备和系统、网络流量和其它工业应用安全漏洞的测试、识别和安全分析;

- 研究自动化安全漏洞挖掘技术,指导研发团队研发相应自动化安全工具;

- 承担行业安全实施项目、技术研究项目,并协助客户完成安全项目实践。

What do I need to qualify for this job?

- Master and above degree with major in Computing Science, Information Security, Communication, etc;

- Information security knowledge and experiences, especially on reverse engineer, deep packet inspection, security vulnerability mining and exploiting, is required;

- Deep knowledge on security bugs and corresponding secure coding practices of C/C++, Assemble, Python, Java or C#;

- Strong and broad background on various industry control systems;

- Experiences and skills on fuzz testing tools (PEACH, Sully, AutoDafe, etc.), metasploit, and other corresponding network traffic analyzer tools is a plus;

- Hard-working, self-motivated team player and able to work with minimum supervision;

- Highly responsible for customers and projects, and able to work efficiently under pressure;

- Team work spirit;

- Open-minded, creative, and fast learning;

- Good communication skills;

- Fluent oral and written in English;

- Willingness to take business trip (domestic as well as international).


- 计算机科学、信息技术、通信或相关专业硕士研究生及以上学历;

- 具备扎实的信息安全领域知识和项目经验,特别是逆向工程技术、深度包检测技术,以及安全漏洞挖掘和漏洞技术;

- 熟练掌握相关安全 bug 信息,以及 C/C++, Assemble, Python, Java 或 C# 等相应安全编码最佳实践;

- 具备广泛的工业控制系统背景知识;

- 具有模糊测试工具(例如 PEACH, Sully, AutoDafe 等)、 metasploit ,以及其它网络流量分析工具技术和项目经验者优先;

- 具备积极的工作主动性和执行力,能够独立完成工作;

- 具有一定的抗压能力,高效率工作,执行确保品质;

- 表达能力强,善于沟通,具有良好的团队协作能力;

- 具备快速学习能力,富于创造力;

- 具备良好的英文口语和写作能力;

- 适应出差(国内和国际)。

What else do I need to know?

For nearly 170 years, pioneering technologies and the business models developed from them have been the foundation of Siemens' success. Our central research and development unit - Corporate Technology (CT) - plays an important role in this. Corporate Technology contributes to the Company's success in many functions, including technology and innovation strategy, research and development, cooperation with universities and start-ups, patents and business excellence.

Officially opened in 2006, Corporate Technology China (CT CN) is the largest innovation branch outside Germany. Many top-notch innovators work in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Qingdao and Tianjin. We combine the physical and the virtual worlds through our Core Technology Initiatives and research projects in the areas of data analytics, the Industrial loT, autonomous systems, systems integration, cyber security, etc. We are thus helping the Siemens Business Units turn inventions into successful innovations in the market.

We are looking forward to receiving your online applicaiton. Please ensure you complete all areas of the application form to the best of your ability as we will use the data to review your suitability for the role.


You may find further information on our company at .

Organization: Corporate Technology

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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