自动化工艺工程师/automation Process Engineer

3+ months agoZhenzhou, China

What are my responsibilities?

1. Design then automation solution according to Production requirement/ 根据工艺需求,设计相应的自动化解决方案;

2. Work out the automation specification and choose suitable automation supplier/ 根据自动化方案制定相应的技术规范并寻找合适的自动化集成商;

3. Automation technical solution confirmation/ 供应商自动化解决方案的确认(设备、机器人、夹具等选型及集成)

4. Responsible for automation project following up, set up and other problem trouble shooting till release to mass production/ 负责自动化项目实施过程中的跟踪、调试以及问题解决直至批量生产;

5. To instruct the production workers to understand process regulation(technological exchange)/ 生产工人的自动化操作培训

What do I need to qualify for this job?

1. Lean digital production know how / 掌握数字化精益生产的相关知识

2. Be familiar with automation related know how / 熟悉自动化的相关知识

3. Be familiar with Robot application / 熟悉机器人的选型及应用等

4. Be familiar with PLC knowledge / 熟悉PLC的相关知识

5. Be familiar with motor manufacture procedure and manufacture techniques/ 熟悉电机制造流程和制造工艺

6. Be familiar with the method and tool of quality management and also can be proficient in using them/ 熟悉质量管理的方法和工具并能熟练运用

7. More than 3 years' automation design or debugging related working experience/ 3年以上自动化设计或调试相关的工作经验

8. Lead and complete at least one robot automation project/ 负责并完成至少一个机器人自动化项目

What else do I need to know?

1. Electrical Automation Engineering and related majors/ 电气自动化相关专业

2. Be able to discuss working issues in English/ 能运用英语做工作交流

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Standard Motors Ltd.

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

Job ID: SIemens-242807-en-us