Work From Home Vector & Illustration Image Reviewer

Headquartered in New York with offices in Berlin, Shutterstock is an innovative e-commerce company and a leading provider of royalty-free videos, photos, and illustrations. With over 70 million images and videos, Shutterstock sources content from a contributor community of thousands of photographers, videographers, artists and illustrators from around the world. We consider our contributor community, supply chain and operational capability to be among our greatest assets.

We are hiring Image Reviewers located in Europe to evaluate vector and illustration images for their overall quality, technical execution, commercial suitability, and adherence to our image acceptance standards.

This is a free-lance work-from-home position using the reviewer"s own equipment and based around the reviewers available schedule.


  • Efficiently evaluate and approve vector and illustrations based on acceptance standards.
  • Operate as an authority for technical standards, trademark exceptions, fraud detection, copyright and release requirements; review images for adherence to content standards and suitability for inclusion in the commercial image catalog.
  • Perform exceptionable and consistent image evaluations in a fast-paced, super detail-oriented manner.
  • Apply metadata standards, with light metadata editing and a keen eye for keyword, title and caption relevance to drive accurate search engine results.
  • Provide consistent, objective, efficient, concise and accurate feedback to photographers.


  • Mandatory: Domain expertise and passionate enthusiasm for creative design with 2+ years of professional illustration/vector experience preferably as a graphic designer, stock agency contributor, or art buyer.Must be available to work 25-30 hours per week including 5-8 hours per weekend.
  • Must have high-speed wired broadband Internet access [at least 25mbs download speed – to test: ?http://www.speedtest.net/], own a PC or Mac, and own a sufficient and accurate color display for viewing large images.
  • Adept at photo editing, image resolution, and metadata evaluation, along with a basic foundation in best practices for post-production processes.
  • Understanding of evolving image industry trends, styles, and why images have commercial value.
  • Comfortable and enthusiastic about making many detailed judgments repetitively.
  • Highly organized, super analytical and extremely detail-oriented.
  • Strong command of English; ability to read/write and participate in operations and business meetings.
  • Software: Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Google Docs and Microsoft Office Suite.

NOTE: In addition to applying, please complete the following questionnaire to be considered for this position.http://goo.gl/UT72uC

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