Internal Security Developer

Shopify’s Internal Security team is looking for an experienced network security professional who believes our employees deserve to be as secure as our merchants. With a largely distributed workforce spanning the globe, we need to be able to retain our default to open culture while maintaining a robust security posture. That’s where you fit in. We need a keen, passionate, network administrator who wants to help us secure our internal networks, applications, and most importantly, our employees. This isn’t your average “managing Active Directory” network administrator position; at Shopify we rely on leveraging  current technologies to Get Shit Done At Scale (GSDAS)! You’ll be leveraging technologies from Apple, Amazon, Google, and the likes while you engineer and develop programs and policies to mitigate internal threat.

You’ll need to be:

  • Comfortable working autonomously
  • Extremely analytical and detail oriented
  • Unafraid of promoting security in an agile, default to open culture
  • Efficient working in a Linux/OS X command line environment
  • Great at drawing owls
  • Super passionate and opinionated, but understanding when you’re wrong

It’d be great if you have experience with:

  • Configuration management/provisioning software like Chef or Puppet
  • Log management and auditing
  • JAMF Casper
  • Managing users and credentials in a “domain-esque” environment
  • SAML implementation and maintenance
  • SIEM and other logging technologies like Splunk or the ELK stack
  • Asymmetric encryption technologies and credential rotation
  • Securing an OS X environment
  • Apache Kafka or other pub/sub messaging system
  • Defense in depth
  • API and SDK usage (various languages/platforms)

You’ll be working on things like:

  • Building tools and processes to assist in retaining our default to open culture such as deploying a creative monitoring solution to determine abuse of an internal database
  • Assisting in security incidents by providing details surrounding authentication, authorization, and actions of those involved
  • Mitigating insider threat through various means including creating processes and tools to assist in identifying data loss and insider mischief and auditing access to sensitive information
  • Generating security metrics
  • Managing user accounts across Shopify by enforcing MFA enrollment
  • Responding to queries from the masses in #security
  • Providing security awareness training
  • Building trust between the security team and Shopify’s employees

Here’s how to apply:

If you’re interested in helping us shape the future of commerce, click the “Apply now” button to submit your application. Please address your cover letter to Andrew Dunbar.

Note on Title: An alternative title for this job will be "Internal Security Engineering Specialist" if the successful candidate is not a registered Engineer in Ontario.

Just because you don’t fit 100% of the criteria in our “needs”, apply anyway! We’d rather have someone who is passionate and willing to grow than someone who thinks they know it all. We are dedicated to diversity and providing an inclusive workplace for all and especially encourage members of underrepresented groups to apply.

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