Import / Export Manager

Import / Export Manager – Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Columbia, MD)

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments is one of the largest suppliers of analytical instrumentation, physical testing, and environmental monitoring systems in the world. Our products include Gas Chromatographs, Liquid Chromatographs, Mass Spectrometers, Total Organic Carbon Analyzers, UV-Vis Spectrometers, Fluorescence, Atomic Absorption, IR, X-Ray, and Universal Testing Machines. In 1975, SSI Corporate Headquarters was established in Columbia, Maryland and we currently have ten regional offices coast to coast.


The incumbent is responsible for managing the movement of goods between the home country and other countries for all Shimadzu America group companies located in North America. As the main compliance contact for importing and exporting logistics, the Manager will ensure that employees and group companies comply with rules and regulations of the home country; as well as importing/exporting countries to avoid penalties that may occur if rules and regulations are violated. Incumbent must monitor, and institute required changes to the importing/exporting processes at Shimadzu America group companies as needed, in-order to comply with regulatory laws/rules. The incumbent must perform other related duties that may be assigned from time to time.

This position is responsible for monitoring the arrangements that employees of all Shimadzu America group companies make for forwarding freight; to include coordination of all international shipment of goods. Incumbent is required to maintain good relationships with Shimadzu Group Companies, government agencies, clients and vendors that are essential for Shimadzu America business and importing/exporting success.


  1. Manage and monitor all Shimadzu America (including SSI) shipments/deliveries of goods and expenses to ensure the compliance with all relevant governmental regulations including but not limited to United States, Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). (daily)
  2. Ensure compliance of Shimadzu America group companies with Shimadzu Security Trade Control Policy. (daily)
  3. Ensure compliance of suppliers, brokers, forwarder and transport companies bringing foreign products into or shipping from any Shimadzu America group company. (daily)
  4. Coordination with Shimadzu America counsel to monitor and maintain agreements/contracts between SAI group companies and their customers, distributors, brokers/agents/intermediaries, ensuring compliance with Shimadzu Corporation regulations. (daily)
  5. Oversee the handling of all international goods to ensure safety in all transportation. (daily)
  6. Design cost effective methods and best means of transport for all products, per customer business needs; including stream lining process/ policies to incorporate all governmental regulations. This will include analyzing ways of lowering the cost of freight forwarding, shipping charges and taxes on imports and exports for Shimadzu America group companies, including SSI. (weekly)
  7. Ensure accuracy of tariff coding system and monitor insurance coverage levels to ensure recommended business practices are followed. Prepare required documentation for suppliers. (daily)
  8. Prepares documents to release goods at the US Port. Includes reviewal and approval of sign off entry with US customs. (daily)
  9. Prepares end of year report for US Customs and/or any other reports required by governmental agencies, both domestic and foreign. (annually or as required.)
  10. Coordination between SAI sales groups and Shimadzu Corp Export Management Groups to ensure correct and timely collection and distribution of compliance paperwork for regulated products and monitoring of status. (weekly)
  11. Monitor and maintain Restricted Party Screening system mechanisms, monitor results and ensure that any actions required are handled timely and accurately. (daily)
  12. Collaborate with senior management across group companies and ensure all international shipments are in compliance with all trade regulations and changes. (weekly)
  13. Provide training to all group company employees for the import/export process and maintain any required training records. Coordinate with HR for collection and maintenance of individual employee agreements. (weekly)
  14. Design and/or implement all compliance forms/templates and prepare required reports. Work with Shimadzu America inhouse counsel to ensure documents, policies and processes are legally compliant. (weekly)
  15. Ensure compliance of all import and export shipping documentation, files and internal controls. (daily)
  16. Manage and monitor any trade agreement programs. (weekly)
  17. Respond to and manage response to inquiries on import/export matters by governmental regulators or internal/external auditors. Includes assisting any governmental agencies or auditors when visiting Shimadzu America group company facilities. (monthly)
  18. Monitor and provide feedback on legislation concerning import and export matters to Shimadzu. (monthly)


The incumbent is responsible for maintaining subject matter expertise in all import and export operations for all Shimadzu America operations within North America. Will perform internal and external audits, perform required prior disclosures for all process and supervise the working of all external agents such as freight forwarders and customer brokers. Responsible or facilitating shipments crossing international borders.





Japanese Language

Shimadzu Products


Communication Skills

Shipping/Receiving Practices/Processes

Negotiation Skills

Ability to speak/read a Foreign Language

Organizational Skills

Import/Export Regulations & Laws

Trade Agreements

Customer Service Skills

Computer Literacy (MS Suite)

Freight Forwarding & Taxes

NAFTA Certificates

US Customs/ Brokers/Underwriters

Cost Reduction Knowledge


Incumbent is required to act independently on routine matters that are governed by company policies and procedures. Will need to make educated and compliance driven decisions, which have Shimadzu’s best interest in mind, on matters not governed by company policy by having an excellent understanding of US and International Customs Laws. Must be able to work independently and with a team to achieve goals and provide resolutions to inquires/concerns.


A Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/Logistics or the equivalent is required. At least 3 – 4 years hands on experience working with importing and exporting products and associated international regulations. Knowledge of freight forwarding process, import/export laws and taxes are required; along with exceptional negotiation, organizational and customer service skills. Ability to communicate in a foreign language is highly desirable. Import/Export certifications are a plus, those include – CE (certified Exporter), CITP (certified international trade professional) and CUSECO (certified US export Compliance Officer. Incumbent is required to have strong professional, ethical and socially responsible behaviors.


This position has no direct supervisory or management responsibilities of personnel, however, is directly responsible for managing and supervising all Shimadzu America group companies import and export process/shipment(s).

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or protected Veteran status.




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