Customer Financing Coordinator

About Shift
We believe car buying should be fun, fair, and accessible to everyone. We’ve set out to transform an industry, using technology to bring transparency and convenience to the car buying process. 

And we aren’t stopping there. We aim to bring that same transparency and convenience to car ownership too, with payments, maintenance, and insurance in one easy app. At Shift, we’re building the tools that empower people to buy, own, and sell the cars that make life go.

Shift has reinvented the way people buy cars from other individuals.  No more sketchy craigslist sellers, questionably maintained cars, or pushy used car dealerships; instead, we bring the car to you. Now we’re working to transform the landscape of automotive finance to better serve our growing customer base!
To help us achieve this goal, we are looking for an associate to join the Finance Operations team as a Lending Coordinator. The Lending Coordinator will touch every part of Shift’s lending business. They will be responsible for interfacing directly with our lending partners in order to finish paperwork in a quick and legally compliant fashion, following up with customers to obtain contract signatures, and answering questions about our financing process. The Lending Coordinator is the glue that holds the show together.

Qualities we are looking for:
Attention to detail - delays and errors are not only costly, but create a negative experience for our customers. You’ll do everything within your power to minimize issues and jump on mistakes to correct them as quickly as possible
Mental abacus - automotive finance is a complex business, but your a wiz at tracking many moving parts. You seamlessly jump between deals while tracking every minor piece of missing paperwork
Entrepreneurship - Shift is still very new to the world of finance and insurance. We are looking for a candidate that can identify and improve problem areas of our operations.
Responsibilities Include:
- Completing loan contracts and accessory paperwork
- Submitting financing deals for funding
- Maintaining multiple digital contracting systems
- Contacting customers to obtain missing documentation
- Developing a strong working relationship with partner funding departments


  • Relevant experience at a financial organization
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Experience interfacing with customers
  • Familiarity with spreadsheet software

On diversity
Our company depends on balance and equality — between buyers and sellers, among employees, and in our relationships with customers.

Our mission to evolve car ownership and transform an industry is a challenging one. It can only be achieved by a team of diverse problem-solvers — engineers, designers, business people — from the same broad demographics as our customers.

Why join now?
We’ve built a small but highly talented team backed by $120 million in funding from investors like DFJ, Goldman Sachs, and BMW iVentures. We’ve got product-market fit, but there’s still a ton of room to innovate and make your mark on the product and on the company. 

Shift is the Bay Area’s #1 seller of used cars with $100 million in cars sold per year. We’re serving most of California and are gearing up to scale to new markets. With a solid business model and no clear winner in our space yet, this is a hugely exciting time to join the team.

Meet Some of Shift's Employees

Minnie I.

COO & Co-founder

As a the COO & Co-founder, Minnie influences the corporate culture while also running operations—focused on optimizing, standardizing, and automating processes on the back-end to ensure that customers have a great experience.

Dominic O.

Software Engineer

As a software engineer focused on improving the iOS app, Dominic spends the vast majority of his time coding to make the app more responsive to user needs.

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