Purchasing and Inventory Manager

As the purchasing and inventory manager, you will be responsible for Sestra purchasing and inventory. You will build and manage processes and procedures with a focus on controlling inventory and purchasing materials, finished goods and other items for consumption in the company or to support the manufacture of the company’s product.


  • Manage the purchasing for the company ensuring all goods and services requirements are met.
  • Develop and maintain purchasing policies and procedures.
  • Oversee requisition of goods and services including the issuance and approval of purchase orders and enforcement of spending authorities and limits as set by the CEO.
  • Negotiate pricing with vendors
  • Establish and negotiate service and supply contracts
  • Locate and identify vendors, perform interviews, credit checks and ensure stability in the supply chain.
  • Receive all purchases and check for completeness and damage.
  • Manage the delivery and movement of materials.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Establish, maintain and enforce all inventory internal controls in order to eliminate waste, theft and losses.
  • Manage all inventory accuracy, control and reporting
  • Track all inventory including raw materials, work in process, finished and purchased goods.
  • Develop and maintain all inventory procedures.
  • Support inventory costing and accounting treatment
  • Implement and maintain inventory management system(s) and the interface to finance.
  • Analyze, monitor and report on inventory that is obsolete or slow moving.
  • Manage the supply chain to ensure lead times are known and managed to, to ensure timely availability of materials for production and customer delivery.
  • Establish and maintain a system of reorder points to ensure materials are in stock as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Experience Desired:

  • Purchasing experience including sourcing and price negotiations
  • Supply chain management experience
  • Knowledge of purchasing procedures and internal controls
  • Knowledge of inventory control processes and corresponding material flow
  • Experience with QuickBooks, preferably Enterprise version.
  • Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office, Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Experience with ERP systems desired, but not necessary

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