Executive General Manager - Wine Importer / Distributor

Executive General Manager

Five Grapes, LLC, a leading wine importer and distributor, is a premier Sestra Systems channel partner. Five Grapes thrives on bringing distinctive treasures from the world’s most prominent growing regions to restaurants and venues across the U.S. With iconic customers in multiple states and a thriving wine in keg business, Five Grapes is seeking a General Manager to head the company and oversee and manage all facets of the business including: strategy, management of all staff, acquisition and book management, operations, sales, supplier/customer relations and the P/L financials including management of a rapidly growing keg segment. Five Grapes operates as both an importer and a distributor and has warehousing in three states. Five Grapes offers a full range of wine selections including VIP, collectables, boutique, and keg wine. Their strategic partnership with Sestra Systems, Inc. creates a huge opportunity for growth.

Five Grapes is looking for someone with a passion for running a business and who understands the complex business relationships in the wine industry, as both an importer and distributor.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Overall responsibility for strategy, planning, and management of the Five Grapes Company
  • Manage P&L and company performance reporting to the Board of Directors
  • Manage the current book and lead acquisition of new brands based on sales and inventory depletion
  • Lead and manage all staff including sales, warehouse operations, finance, and brand manager including staff various states.
  • Hire and grow sales force
  • Maintain key supplier and customer relationships
  • Develop and maintain key industry relationships to further the growth of the business
  • Ensure compliance with industry laws, maintains updated licensing, insurance coverage, OSHA standards and other local and federal requirements


  • Bachelors degree and/or 10+ years of import or distribution experience in the wine industry including managing sales and sales teams, running P&L’s, acquisition, and pricing and compliance
  • Excellent leadership skills, organizational skills, and problem-solving skills
  • Attentive to detail oriented, responsive, professional, confident, and purposeful
  • Self-starter who can prioritize a heavy workload


This position is located in Sterling, VA. Local/relocated candidates are our preference. No remote working conditions will be considered.

Salary and Benefits

  • Competitive Salary including profit bonus
  • Ownerhip stake in Five Grapes, LLC.

Please submit both a resume and cover letter. Wine experience a must. No resumes will be considered without a cover letter.

About Sestra Systems, Inc

Sestra was founded by Lev Volftsun, a serial entrepreneur who has sold two technology companies to Cisco Systems and a third to Metaswitch, with a total accumulated value of over $1B. Our mission is to become the gold standard for beverage dispensing by serving the perfect pour and delivering revolutionary loss prevention to customers serving draft beverages (beer, wine, cocktails, cold brew coffee, etc.). Sestra’s patented pour control technology ensures that each and every glass of beer, wine or mixed drink is poured to the exact volume and temperature specified virtually eliminating costly over-pouring. Hands-free, push-to-pour dispensing increases speed of service, eliminating long lines and increasing revenues during the busiest service periods. Sestra’s smart dispensing solution are installed at iconic sports venues, cultural centers, hotels and restaurants allowing these venues/concessionaires the ability to eliminate theft, spoilage, and over-pouring in their alcohol programs, routinely save customers 20 – 50% when compared to by the bottle programs. Importantly, Sestra’s products are connected devices providing valuable analytics and real time alerts. Because the taps are connected to the cloud, real time analytics aid inventory predictability and provide valuable employee oversight.

See Inside the Office of Sestra Systems

Sestra helps people take control of their wine programs by allowing them to dispense the perfect glass of chilled, high-quality wine. Sestra’s wine-on-tap system eliminates waste and oxidation from glass bottles by drawing from KeyKegs and ensures every pour is precisely measured, chilled, and recorded—creating a seamless experience for customers and retail operators alike.

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