Data Engineer

Develop SQL and other database infrastructures, and related business intelligence (BI) tools, for field and home services software systems, including responsibility for the specification and design of database infrastructures that incorporate the use of ETL (extract-transform-load) processes for data transfer and warehousing applications, and utilize SQL and associated extensions and database management systems; the development and support of automated import methods; the translation of databases using deconstruction and re-interpretation methodologies, as well as customized methodologies for specialized data transfer issues and requirements; the interpretation of database structures within the company’s proprietary model; the application of subquery, deduplication, data isolation and other query techniques; the writing of queries to correct, reformat and transfer data; the interpretation and translation of file formats and data conventions; the preparation of required database and application specifications and documentation the use of SQL server and related server integration systems; and the development and engineering of applications through the application of stored procedures. 

Master’s (M.S.) degree in computer engineering, electrical engineering, or a related field. 

2 years of experience in the job offered, or in a software developer, programmer analyst, programmer-systems analyst, project engineer, business intelligence (BI) developer or related capacity, including experience entailing responsibility for the development of SQL database infrastructures and related business intelligence (BI) tools. 

Meet Some of ServiceTitan's Employees

Patrick M.

Sales Team Lead

Patrick’s goal is to build relationships with prospective customers and show them the value of using ServiceTitan and its various software services for their business.

Dalena N.

Senior Account Implementation Specialist

As a customer’s first touch point, Dalena works hard to make sure that every client has as seamless as an experience as possible with the ServiceTitan platform.

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