Senior Full Stack Developer

Sensibill is lighting up the FinTech industry with mobile solutions that are changing the way people interact with their purchases and enabling corporations to make critical insights. We are looking to expand our development team and as a result we are hiring a Senior Full Stack Developer.

There is an opportunity here:

Our CEO and CTO built Sensibill because they saw an opportunity to streamline something every person experiences every day. To that end, we give all of our developers the opportunity to work on what interests them.  During our sprints, developers can select the stories they want to work on.  Through collective code ownership, a true sense of collaboration, and a transparent work environment, we build better solutions.  

What we need:

A Full Stack Developer to join our team of exceptional engineers to add more features, continuously improve our performance, and automate our operational processes. Someone who wants to be a key contributor as we expand our client base, who requires minimum oversight and who is eager to mentor junior developers on the Engineering team.

We work on a full Javascript stack including Node, Angular, and MongoDB. But if these aren’t in your wheelhouse, don’t let that deter you. This is a role for a smart developer, with a willingness to grow in the role. Your experience with Javascript is less important than your overall software development chops. The language, you can pick up on the job.

We are considering developers who want the opportunity to truly go broad across the full development stack, or as deep as your passion takes you. We need a Full Stack Developer who can work efficiently and effectively in an Agile environment. Who can scale with us. Someone who is excited by the challenging problems that unstructured data poses and who is passionate about the promise of machine learning.

If you are a Full Stack Software Developer who is seeking the chance to make an impact on a company, a solution, and the end users, all while building a career for yourself, this is the opportunity to consider. If you are excited by mobile, cloud, analytics, and anything #fintech, this is the company for you.

Here’s what our new Senior Full Stack Developer will do:

  • Develop. You will work on our high availability receipt processing pipeline using Node.js and MongoDB, and on our web app using Angular JS.
  • Develop some more. You will write test cases for automated testing as you write your code.‬‬‬‬
  • Experiment. You will have the opportunity to work on improving our machine learning algorithms for extracting receipt data.
  • Improve. You will actively contribute to our evolving processes; we are always seeking greater efficiency.
  • Deploy. You will contribute to DevOps automation.
  • Collaborate. You will engage with our team in discussing architectural improvements to our system.
  • Pinpoint. You will identify and address skill or technology gaps within the development team and propose solutions.

So who are you? 

  • An experienced software developer. Your background is in computer science, math or engineering. You have a minimum of 7+ years relevant experience in the information technology industry including experience working with a DevOps team for a live SaaS offering.
  • A technology expert.  You may have experience with some of the following: 
    • API services.
    • Browser based web applications.
    • Machine learning algorithms.
    • Performance optimization.
    • Scalable, secure, distributed systems.
    • MongoDB or other NoSQL databases.
  • A creative problem solver. You truly enjoy thinking out loud to create the best solutions to complex, tricky problems, using the latest technical methodologies / processes.
  • A mentor. You have a natural inclination to coach and guide junior software developers, and assist with their professional development.
  • A bonus points seeker. You may have familiarity with financial services and/or receipt processing

What we are looking for:

It’s not always the technical qualifications that matter most. We’re looking for someone who also has the soft skills that enable the entire team to be successful. You will be successful if you are:‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

  • The epitome of balance. You are technical and creative. You are detail oriented and you can see the big picture. You strive for perfection and you are not afraid to make mistakes. You are a thinker and a doer.
  • Confident. You are confident in learning new things quickly and you are willing to share what you have learned with others.
  • Collaborative. You are a team player who seeks and provides feedback and help. You are happy to get your hands dirty and do the work, not just manage it.

‬What are the three greatest things (outside of our incredible financial technology solution) about Sensibill? We love pie.  We are fun.  We are guided by conscientiousness.

Our culture is like that perfect piece of pie.  Not a braggart like a fancy-pants cake; that looks better than it tastes.  But, humble and delivers exactly what you expect. Why pie?  Because that’s our acronym.  We are all about passion, integrity, excellence.  

We like to have fun, and share the love.  So for your birthday, we will treat you to a slice of your favourite pie.  

Because we deal with highly secure and confidential data, information we have to treat with respect, this – consideration and conscientiousness - pervades our culture. From how we come to decisions to how we have conversations with each other.

Why should you join Sensibill?

Joining a start-up in the early days is pretty much the greatest adventure you can go on.  We are lean, we are smart, we are fun, and we live for balance – there are no mandatory 60-hour weeks here.  

This is not a top-down culture.  We want everyone’s input during critical decisions.‬‬‬‬ To that end, if you have ideas, we want to hear them.  If you see something that needs doing, we want you to do it.  Together we can build out and shape not just your role and your team, but our company. There is an opportunity here.

We want new core team members who want to invest in us the way we invest in them. We want your ideas, your energy, your skills, your dedication, and if you have any, we’ll take your #streetreceipts too.

Meet Some of Sensibill's Employees

Sonya N.

Data Operations Specialist

Sonya acts as a gatekeeper for all the data that runs through Sensibill’s platform and powers the machine learning algorithms. She helps optimize training sets to better understand the ever-varied "receipt," helping inspire new features and products.

Simone G.

Software Developer

Simone develops new features for Sensibill to expand upon the product’s current offerings. He also makes sure infrastructure changes and software processes remain automated for maximum productivity.

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