IT Security Compliance Manager

Sensibill is lighting up the FinTech industry with mobile solutions that are changing the way people interact with their purchases and enabling corporations to make critical insights. We are looking to hire a Security Compliance Manager to lead the network security compliance activities and management processes within Sensibill.


We are looking for a dynamic Security Compliance Manager with a background in network security who can help us define and manage our information security controls as well as respond to client security assessments. Someone who is excited by the opportunity to define and drive policy and process. Someone who wants to be a key contributor as we expand our client base, who requires minimum oversight, and who is eager to collaborate across our team.


If you are a confident, creative, and collaborative security compliance expert who is seeking the chance build a team and make a mark an impact on a company, this is the opportunity to consider. If you are excited by financial services, mobile, cloud, analytics, and anything #fintech, keep reading! This is the company for you.


As our new Security Compliance Manager, you will:

  • Execute. You will define processes associated with our information security policies and ensure corporate policies, strategies, standards and guidelines for security are being implemented.
  • Respond. You will participate in audits from our customers, their security vendors and other regulatory bodies.
  • Collaborate. You will work internally with application security architects from the development team and externally with third party vendors and clients that are performing security testing.
  • Evaluate. You will assess risks and impacts to security related to planned system changes.
  • Teach. You will train co-workers on our information security policies and procedures.
  • React. You will respond to security assessments from our clients.
  • Lead. You will launch various security-related initiatives, including a threat monitoring program.


And this is what you'll bring:

  • Experience. You bring 5+ years of experience working in an enterprise security compliance role. Experience within the financial services industry is considered an asset.  
  • Project management skills. You can ensure security controls are put in place and implemented across the company. You are excellent at producing documentation to track our progress to our targeted milestones. 
  • Confidence. You possess the confidence and communication skills to educate our team on security policies and respond to client security questions.
  • A wealth of knowledge. You possess up-to-date knowledge of network security architecture, threats and tools.
  • Passion and creativity. You love to play with data. You thrive on working with developers to solve tough problems. 


‬What are the three greatest things (outside of our incredible financial technology solution) about Sensibill?

We love pie.  We are fun.  We are guided by conscientiousness.


Our culture is like that perfect piece of pie.  Not a braggart like a fancy-pants cake; that looks better than it tastes.  But, humble and delivers exactly what you expect. Why pie?  Because that’s our acronym.  We are all about passion, integrity, excellence.  


We like to have fun, and share the love.  So for your birthday, we will treat you to a slice of your favourite pie.  


Because we deal with highly secure and confidential data, information we have to treat with respect, this – consideration and conscientiousness - pervades our culture. From how we come to decisions to how we have conversations with each other.


Why should you join Sensibill?

Joining a start-up in the early days is pretty much the greatest adventure you can go on.  We are lean, we are smart, we are fun, and we live for balance – there are no mandatory 60-hour weeks here.  

This is not a top-down culture.  We want everyone’s input during critical decisions.‬‬‬‬ To that end, if you have ideas, we want to hear them.  If you see something that needs doing, we want you to do it.  Together we can build out and shape not just your role and your team, but our company. There is an opportunity here.

We want new core team members who want to invest in us the way we invest in them. We want your ideas, your energy, your skills, your dedication, and if you have any, we’ll take your #streetreceipts too.


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