Business Intelligence (BI) Developer


Sensibill is lighting up the FinTech industry with mobile solutions that are changing the way people interact with their purchases and enabling corporations to make critical insights. We are expanding our data team and as a result are looking for a Business Intelligence Developer.


We’re looking for a motivated data and analytics developer to assist with our ongoing reporting and data integration tasks. Someone who lives in the details. Someone who understands our key business metrics and can work effectively cross-functionally to provide support and expertise in data management, data visualization, and reporting. Sound like a challenge? It is. But it’s also amazing and a great experience in a start-up environment at the cutting edge of the #fintech industry, working with the latest technologies. And it’s working with a great team of smart and uber-helpful people who are all willing to get their hands dirty, including picking up stray receipts to add to our test data. Seriously, if you see a receipt at a cash counter or on the sidewalk, pick it up!  #streetreceipt


As our BI Developer you will:

  • Transform. You will develop scripts to move data from our MongoDB operational DB to our Postgres reporting DB.
  • Develop. You will build reports using SQL queries on our Postgres reporting DB.
  • Design. You will help architect Sensibill’s end to end reporting system.
  • Report. You will work in Excel to create and update weekly / monthly reports.
  • Collaborate. Working with our data team, you will identify and assist with the ongoing process of data integration and data warehousing.
  • Create and Explain. You will build and maintain the data visualization dashboard, and extract meaningful insights from reports to keep all key stakeholders informed.
  • Assess. You will use data visualization tools like Kibana, perform statistical analysis, data mining and predictive modeling techniques to identify trends.


And this is what you’ll have:

  • A post-secondary degree or diploma in Management Information Systems, Computer Science,  Engineering, Statistics, or a related field.
  • Strong business analytical skills to interpret business requests as well as communicate findings in a user-friendly manner that everyone can understand.
  • Familiarity with relational database concepts and ability to write SQL queries.
  • Experience designing and maintaining a database to manage data analysis efforts.
  • Software Programming skills with various languages such as Javascript.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, including the ability to write clear and concise reports and presentations.
  • Mastery of working spreadsheets for reporting and simple data visualization.
  • A passion for statistics and data; working in the details to analyze information and extract key insights.


Nice to haves:

  • Exposure to Postgres
  • Exposure to visualization tools such as Tableau or Kibana


What are the three greatest things about Sensibill; outside of our incredible financial technology solution?

We love pie.  We are fun.  We are guided by conscientiousness.

Our culture is like that perfect piece of pie.  Not a braggart like a fancy-pants cake; that looks better than it tastes.  But, humble and delivers exactly what you expect. Why pie?  Because that’s our acronym.  We are all about passion, integrity, excellence.  

We like to have fun, and share the love.  So for your birthday, we will treat you to a your favourite pie.  Actually, we get a few of them so we can celebrate together.


Why should you join Sensibill?

Joining a start-up in the early days is pretty much the greatest adventure you can go on.  We are lean, we are smart, we are fun, and we live for balance – there are no mandatory 60-hour weeks here.  

This is not a top-down culture.  We want everyone’s input during critical decisions.‬‬‬‬ To that end, if you have ideas, we want to hear them.  If you see something that needs doing, we want you to do it.  Together we can build out  and shape not just your role and your team, but our company. There is an opportunity here.

We want new core team members who want to invest in us the way we invest in them. We want your ideas, your energy, your skills, your dedication, and if you have any, we’ll take your #streetreceipts too.


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