Head of Website Experience

SendGrid is looking for a talented leader to head our website team of designers and developers and lead a vision for an effective, beautiful, and modern digital experience for sendgrid.com and our intranet sites.

This position is special for three reasons. First, you’ll be driving and executing the vision for our primary sign-up channel - the sendgrid.com website - which has millions of eyes each month and brings in the majority of our revenue. Second, you’ll have the enviable experience of working for a customer-centric, data-informed, learning-hungry company that will give you the tools and support to really hone and refine the experience. Lastly, you’ll be taking on the next evolution of the website - personalizing it towards our personas and verticals - all while continuing to drive a very high bar of visual design, content, and code quality.

What You’ll Do

  • Live by and champion our cultural values of Happy, Hungry, Honest, and Humble.
  • Lead, grow and engage a talented team of in-house and contract developers and designers. Provide regular, frequent, constructive and direct feedback to team members in order to help them excel at their job and craft, navigate their desired career path, and experience the satisfaction of professional growth while at SendGrid.
  • Drive high quality leads and customer sign-ups with informative and relevant content, great design, and the latest best practices.
  • Advocate for and empower the highest level of brand, design and usability. Protect each pixel; maintain scannable, organized layouts and navigation; carefully prune pages to what is truly essential to visitor’s needs; maintain strong messaging and copy conventions; deeply understand our customers' motivations and needs.
  • Constantly learn and improve: through A/B tests, qualitative research, process and tooling evaluations, and team retrospectives.
  • Protect the availability of our primary sign-up channel with your attention to security, scale, tech debt, architecture, and performance.
  • Create and communicate a strong and creative vision utilizing key performance indicators, quarterly goals, and roadmaps.
  • Work with content writers and SEO experts to create content that resonates with our target personas and ranks favorably with search engines.
  • Be a project management ninja: kick off meetings with clear goals, roles, and responsibilities; keep everyone informed on timelines and status; track work and progress with agile practices; create testing and launch plans; share results back to help everyone learn and improve.
  • Create high-level wireframes and flow diagrams to communicate ideas to stakeholders and UX designers.
  • While the team is small, balance manager and individual contributor responsibilities.

About You

  • You have 8+ years in a user experience, digital marketing, design, website or a related field and have previously held a position in management. You may have been a former UX Designer, Art Director, Creative Director, or Digital Marketing Manager.
  • You have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Design, Human-Computer Interaction, User Experience, Marketing or a related field.
  • You have a background and passion for design. Your portfolio of website work (that you designed or managed) showcases beautiful, modern, responsive layouts and highly usable experiences.
  • You are super comfortable talking about and supporting front-end development. Terms like SASS, Bootstrap, Github, Gulp, responsive design, retina, icon fonts, svg, caching are right at home with you.
  • You have an analytical and curious mind that enjoys crafting hypotheses, building A/B test plans, and monitoring KPIs.

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