Research Scientist II

External Description

We have an exciting opportunity for a Research Scientist to join Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research.  The lab's main goal is to understand and manipulate the immunoresistant environment of solid tumors through basic and translational oncology research. The research group is a tight knit and collaborative, friendly, supportive, and fast-paced environment. The ideal candidate will perform as a bench Research Scientist and assist in all parts of a multifaceted research endeavor. Main duties are comprised of three categories:


Operational duties: The position will assist in preparation and upkeep of the lab and ensure functioning of its day-to-day operations. This includes, but is not limited to, reagent preparation/optimization and conducting in vitro assays described below. The individual will also be responsible for overseeing external collaborations with academic and/or industry partners.


Basic science research: The successful candidate will perform basic science research into human and mouse cell engineering and novel target identification based on patient sample data. Common techniques include: western blots, flow cytometry, single cell RNAseq, cloning, lentivirus preparation, chromium release assays, selection and maintenance of primary and tumor cell cultures, and other standard molecular/cellular assays. Work will include handling of mouse and potentially hazardous human tissue.


Animal work: In vitro assays will be validated in one of several in vivo small animal models. Associated tasks include tumor and primary cell injection through various routes, health checks, longitudinal bioluminescent imaging, tissue harvest and fixation.


Required Education/Experience:
- Bachelor’s Degree in an engineering or scientific discipline; may require a Master’s Degree for certain lab specialties
- Minimum to two (2) year’s experience in a related area/laboratory setting.

Required Credentials:
- N/A

- Prior experience with tumor animal models
- Master’s Degree in applicable field/research specialty highly preferred
- Significant experience conducting research in area of specialization
- Some experience with laboratory management

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