Fellow - PhD

    • Seattle, WA

External Description

The Urdahl laboratory is seeking an outstanding Postdoctoral Scientist to conduct research investigating immunity against tuberculosis. The successful candidate will work with a highly collaborative team of investigators seeking to understand the barriers to immune protection against TB and to devise strategies to overcome these barriers. The lab utilizes cutting edge approaches to study innate and adaptive immunity to TB in the mouse model, seeking to inform new strategies to combat human TB through effective vaccines or host-directed therapies.


Required Education/Experience:
- PhD or equivalent in biomedical sciences

- Strong interest in host-pathogen interactions 

- Strong written and verbal communication skills

- Ability to establish clear goals and to organize and prioritize work
- Ability and willingness to work with a diverse team of scientists, including post-docs, students and technicians

- Strong background in immunology or in a complementary field with a strong interest in learning immunology

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