Customer Service Rep - Delivery Staff - Call Center Agent

    • Seattle, WA

External Description
Staff in the Delivery and Call Center roles are responsible to operate software and maintain technological devices needed to execute standard work; process meal payments (operate mobile payment equipment for credit card payments & manage electronic till); solve or escalate customer concerns and use excellent customer service skills in all of their work.

Delivery Staff are responsible for delivering meal carts to various areas and customers; presenting and setting up ordered food according to standard work; performing patient ID verification steps (includes direct patient contact and communication as well as partnering with nurses); perform soiled cart pick-up.

Call Center Agents are responsible for receiving and processing incoming food orders (primarily via phone) for patients, visitors, and staff. Assist customers on modified diets with selecting appropriate foods using nutrition department resources and call center policies & procedures to provide complete, accurate responses. Enter and maintain accurate patient information in the nutrition software applications and follows processes in accordance with call center standards to ensure accuracy and operational effectiveness. Perform related tasks as required.

Required Education/Experience:

- High School graduate or equivalent.

- 2 years of customer service, food service experience OR related experience OR equivalent nutrition/dietetics education.

- Intermediate computer skills.

Required Credentials:

- Washington State Food and Beverage Service Worker’s Permit, or to be obtained within 1 month of employment.


- Bachelor’s Degree

- Significant experience working in a healthcare/customer service environment.

- Healthcare food service experience or equivalent nutrition/dietetics education.

- Call center or similar customer service work or volunteer experience.

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