Restaurant Associate

Provides "World Class" Member Service by surprising and delighting our members every day. Provides food service according to industry food standards.

  • Ensures customer care and selling are #1 priority Completes all required Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)/Right-to-Know training Knows the financial goals regarding sales, margin and shrink, and take steps to improve the Restaurant/Pizza Station in these areas Builds customer relationships by engaging in friendly conversation with all customers, making eye contact, smiling, greeting customers, and assisting customers with inquiries and issues Possesses knowledge of all areas of the store including specific locations of merchandise Assists in training restaurant associates and ensures completion of compliance training of all department associates Uses the 4-Step process to train associates: Tell, Show, Watch and Support Maintains a clean and efficient restaurant and work area and ensuring all associates working in the restaurant understand the importance of cleanliness in the food preparation department Demonstrates strong product and service knowledge and demonstrate proper procedures in the handling of food Makes sure to turn on all machines and ensures that they are functioning properly before the store opens Checks supplies on a regular basis and alert the Restaurant Lead if orders are needed and ensures that add-on sale displays (ex. Cotton candy and popcorn) are replenished as needed Understands all register functions including how to process all transactions and forms of tender Follows corporate guidelines relating to Merchandise Claims and Control (MC&C), Known-Loss Merchandise and Open/Empty Packages Responsible for providing food service according to industry food standards Replenishes soda and Ice machines as needed and ensures that the soda and Ice machines are cleaned on a continual basis Knows meets/exceeds the daily and hourly sales goals established for the restaurant/pizza station Ensures that the proper amount of dough is prepared before store opening to avoid having to make more during peak hours Keeps an accurate record of customer call-in orders ensuring that they are prepared in a timely manner Performs other duties as assigned Ability to have a positive and friendly demeanor Ability to be cross-trained Have strong verbal, writing, reading, and arithmetic skills Ability to understand and follow verbal and written instructions Demonstrate strong skill set in suggestive selling techniques Ability to lift and move merchandise, typically a minimum of 20lbs, but could be up to 100 lbs Ability to perform repetitive standing, walking, bending, lifting, stretching, and reaching * Retail experience or equivalent


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Sears Holdings is a major retailer in the United States and Canada with over 2,500 retail stores across North America—including Sears, Kmart, and subsidiary stores. Sears Holdings is the leading home appliance retailer and provider of home services, as well as a sales leader in tools, lawn and garden products, fitness equipment, apparel, and home goods.

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