Video Content Producer (Part-Time or Full-Time)

If you have an ear for the soundbite that everyone will be talking about tomorrow and know how it will play on Twitter, Facebook and in the SF Gate comments section – and can write about it - then we may need you to join our team.


SF Gate is hiring a producer who can juggle the growing library of clips available from content partners and sharpen the website’s focus on video offerings that feel authentic to the Bay Area. She/he will identify missed opportunities daily and immediately coordinate video production using freelancers, partners and SF Gate or San Francisco Chronicle staff. The right fit can also write in a fresh, witty voice that adds to the daily publishing mix for one of the biggest news distributors on the West Coast.

The ideal candidate will proactively self-assign stories that are on the verge of going viral.  He/she is an idea generator with strong social roots and a deep knowledge of the Bay Area. Additionally, he/she will be asked to contribute story ideas at daily editorial meetings and help curate and grow our social media channels. The video producer will work between 24-40 hours a week out of our San Francisco offices.  

Responsibilities Include:

  • Create and curate daily stories and videos for
  • Monitor trending topics from social media to inform editorial decisions
  • Evaluate existing video content for possible promotion on SF Gate
  • Facilitate production of an additional 2-3 videos per day using available resources
  • Communicate daily with outside partners and all editorial departments at The Chronicle
  • Identify break-out content and sidebar videos from top-performing stories
  • Bring fresh ideas to daily content creation and social media promotion  

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Innate sense of what clicks and what will be trending later in the day
  • Fresh, brilliant writing style
  • Ability to determine which medium is best for any story
  • Videography experience and familiarity with Adobe Premiere
  • Professional social media experience
  • Experience creating Facebook-ready video
  • Team player who works collaboratively
  • Energetic

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 2+ years of writing in the digital space
  • 2+ years producing and editing video
  • Some on-camera experience

About the San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate:

San Francisco has always been a city on the edge - of technology, thought, food, and culture. Here seismic shifts, literally and figuratively, constantly reshape the landscape. We deliver news and provocative perspectives that engage the smart, forward-thinking people who choose to live on the edge.

SFGate provides a 360˚ view of San Francisco, wildly reflective of right now. Provocative, energetic, unapologetic, the Gate is in constant conversation with the world's most eclectic city. It is the digital thermometer that reads the temperature of San Francisco's moods, trends, and interests and shares it with the world.

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