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If you can spot a story that feels authentic to the Bay Area and can drop everything and write about it in a fresh, witty, sometimes acerbic voice, while respecting objective journalism, legal issues, and copyrights, this may be the career move for you.

If you can bust out straight breaking news quickly and accurately while simultaneously monitoring trends on Tweetdeck, and chatting with your boss via IM -- and do it all with a smile -- this may be the career move for you.

Play a central role at one of the biggest newsrooms and content creators on the West Coast. Francisco Chronicle is looking for an innovative and experienced web producer and homepage editor willing to work a schedule that includes weekends and nights. The person in this role will create daily stories, videos, and feature content to be distributed on the SFGate homepage and through all of our social media channels. The producer will also spend 20-40% of scheduled time evaluating and curating content from our partners.

The ideal candidate will proactively self-assign stories that are on the verge of going viral.  He/she is an idea generator with strong social roots and a deep knowledge of the Bay Area. She or he should be able to create 5-8 stories a day while managing social media analytics and best practices, and bringing innovative multimedia, multi-platform, multi-social network ideas to a larger team.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Create daily stories, photo galleries, and videos for
  • Monitor trending topics from social media to inform editorial decisions
  • Oversee SFGate home page 1-2 days a week, including weekend mornings or nights
  • Manage photos, headlines, story packaging and overall site layout
  • Monitor a fire hose of content available to the Gate team to build and constantly rebuild a homepage user experience in synch with the SFGate brand to deliver on metrics and goals  
  • Communicate and coordinate with SF Chronicle team
  • Package items from third party content sources and maximized engagement using related links, photo galleries, and videos
  • Bring fresh ideas to daily content creation and social media promotion  

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Innate sense of what clicks and what will be trending later in the day
  • Fresh, brilliant writing style
  • Blogger or journalism background
  • Background in buzzy news from the Bay Area Tech/Business scene
  • Comfort with video, video editing, and photography 
  • Professional social media experience, familiar with algorithms, audiences, and insight
  • Experience running social ads
  • Team player who works collaboratively
  • Energetic
  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism

Preferred Qualifications:

  • MA in journalism
  • 5 years’ experience in digital space

About the San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate:

San Francisco has always been a city on the edge - of technology, thought, food, and culture. Here seismic shifts, literally and figuratively, constantly reshape the landscape. We deliver news and provocative perspectives that engage the smart, forward-thinking people who choose to live on the edge.

SFGate provides a 360˚ view of San Francisco, wildly reflective of right now. Provocative, energetic, unapologetic, the Gate is in constant conversation with the world's most eclectic city.

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