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    • San Francisco, CA

SFGATE PRODUCER Sunday-Thursday Schedule

SFGATE is about covering the conversation and sharing it with a national audience. As the 5 th largest newspaper website in America, with 35 million users each month, your stories about the Bay Area reach hundreds of millions of people each year.

  • If you can spot a story that feels authentic to the Bay Area and drop everything to write it in a fresh, witty, sometimes acerbic voice, while respecting objective journalism, legal issues, and copyrights, this may be the role for you.
  • If you post to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram Stories, this may be the role for you.
  • If you can bust out straight breaking news quickly and accurately while simultaneously monitoring trends on Tweetdeck and chatting with your boss via Slack -- and do it all with a smile -- this may be the role for you.


Specific Responsibilities Include:

  • Ability to create 5-6 stories a day while managing social media analytics and best practices, and bringing innovative multimedia, multi-platform, multi-social network ideas to a larger team
  • Create daily stories, photo galleries, and occasionally videos for
  • Monitor trending topics from social media to inform editorial decisions
  • Proactively self-assigns stories that are on the verge of going viral and is ready to play a central role at one of the biggest newsrooms and content creators on the West Coast.
  • Package items from third party content sources and maximized engagement using related links, photo galleries and videos
  • Bring fresh ideas to daily content creation and social media promotion
  • Manage photos, headlines, story packaging and overall story experience
  • Communicate and coordinate with SFChronicle team members

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree in journalism or equivalent experience
  • 2+ years' experience digital content producer
  • Innate sense of what clicks and what will be trending later in the day
  • Fresh, brilliant writing style
  • Knowledge of the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Background as Blogger or with a journalism background
  • Team player who works collaboratively
  • Idea generator with strong social roots.
  • Ability to work a schedule that includes weekends and/or nights as needed.
  • Photo and Video editing experience
  • Background in buzzy news from the Bay Area Tech/Business scene
  • Social media native, familiar with algorithms, audiences, and insight

About the San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate:

San Francisco has always been a city on the edge - of technology, thought, food, and culture. Here seismic shifts, literally and figuratively, constantly reshape the landscape. We deliver news and provocative perspectives that engage the smart, forward-thinking people who choose to live on the edge. SFGate provides a 360˚ view of the San Francisco Bay Area, wildly reflective of right now.

Provocative, energetic, unapologetic, the Gate is in constant conversation with the world's most eclectic region.

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