Editorial Assistant

Editorial Assistant (Part-Time)

Would you like the opportunity to work with world-class journalists at one of San Francisco’s most iconic media brands? 

Who says you can’t start your journalism career at the 5th largest newspaper website in America?  SFGATE has a rare opportunity for the right candidates to get your foot in the door at the Bay Area’s most-read website, and get paid to do it.

We’ll be blunt.  The part-time Editorial Assistant position doesn’t pay a lot, and the hours aren’t great.  What we will do is provide an experience where on day one, you’re putting your mark on stories and a site seen by 30+ million people every month. 

What will you do?

  • The right candidate will assist everyone on the team, and will simultaneously learn every aspect of creating content for SFGATE.
  • You’ll be working with photos, updating social media, helping the home page editors, assisting in story production, and even doing some writing and field assignments.
  • Learn every aspect of the workflow from finding ideas, story approval and production, polishing and publishing digital-optimized story techniques, data journalism techniques, video workflow and creation, photo workflow and creation, social media optimization and metrics analysis, and tracking the measurements and sales numbers that make it work. 

What will you need to be successful?

  • BA in Journalism or close to finishing your Masters degree in Journalism. Current journalism students with major market bylines and experience may be considered.
  • 1 – 2 years’ experience
  • Excellent social media skills
  • Video editing skills
  • Basic HTML and CSS literacy
  • Energetic, proactive, creative and innovative approaches to stories
  • Understanding of media law
  • Understanding of web metrics
  • Enthusiastic and eager to learn

About the San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate:

San Francisco has always been a city on the edge - of technology, thought, food, and culture.  Here seismic shifts, literally and figuratively, constantly reshape the landscape. We deliver news and provocative perspectives that engage the smart, forward-thinking people who choose to live on the edge.  

SFGate provides a 360-degree view of San Francisco, wildly reflective of right now. Provocative, energetic, unapologetic, the Gate is in constant conversation with the world's most eclectic city. It is the digital thermometer that reads the temperature of San Francisco's moods, trends, and interests and shares it with the world.

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