Digital Sales Strategist

Digital Sales Strategist

The Digital Sales Strategist is responsible for achieving digital product sales goals through assigned sales teams and direct sales.  

What will you do?

  • Be in the field and on sales calls with Account Executives, leading by example, in order to demonstrate and coach them on how to sell our various digital products using the current and evolving sales process.
  • Be charged with coordinating and conducting training for Sales Management and Account Executives in a classroom setting, as well as, one on one.
  • Assist sales and marketing in promoting the entire line of digital products.
  • The position’s sole responsibility is driving new digital revenues across the entire product and customer portfolio.

What will it take to be successful?

  • Drive digital product sales for assigned sales teams.
  • Ability to conduct sales calls with SMB owners.
  • Ability to represent the consumer for various industries.
  • Facilitate trainings encompassing all digital products utilizing the current sales process.
  • Motivate the sales force through recognition, sales contests, and promoting top performing accounts.
  • Point person in assigned office for digital product penetration, compliance, and training.
  • Identify trends, quantify impact, and communicate improvement opportunities to the product team
  • Product Champion for all new digital products and services.
  • Primary source of sales pitch and strategy development and implementation for digital products.
  • Ability to drive digital sales through indirect reporting structure.
  • Ability to motivate and coach a diverse sales force.
  • Ability to analyze product trends and develop appropriate strategies to alter outcomes on individual, product and individual customer level for our digital product set.
  • Ability to develop coaching plans and track results through sales management team.
  • Ability to effectively transfer the practical knowledge of all aspects of the current and evolving sales process to new hires and existing employees.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

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