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At Samsung NEXT, we partner and build software alongside innovators to develop ideas into products, grow products into businesses and scale businesses that can transform Samsung to think about the future of Software.

We started in 2012 and are now the only organization within Samsung that is purpose-built to constantly think about the future of software.

Samsung NEXT has a systematic approach in bringing four key functions to bear in solving global software problems:

  • Venture - Investing in early stage startups in an authentic way to help entrepreneurs build and scale their businesses.
  • Partnerships - Helping startups successfully partner with the variety of businesses in Samsung.
  • M&A - Bringing in startups to more closely connect and scale with our businesses.
  • Product Development - A group of makers (designers, developers and product managers) that are creating new software and services businesses, at scale.

We’re a progressive division that works in a Distributed, Collaborative, and Global way, every day. We have colleagues operating in several offices and locations in Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Francisco, New York City; Tel Aviv in Israel; Berlin in Germany; and Seoul in South Korea.

This position is for the Product Experience Design group, located in San Francisco, CA.

Full Description

As a Visual Designer, you will help set the visual quality and tone for the products that the Global design group serves, participating and servicing strategic initiatives supporting product, partnerships & strategy. You will work with Head of Design to design and execute on key visual artifacts and product stories that bring clarity to strategic narratives & proposed initiatives. Your work should motivate internal & external stakeholders across the organization, and should be cohesive enough to drive brand guidance and guidelines.

Responsibilities: As a Visual Designer, you will:

  • Start and maintain processes to insert visual design artifacts into our marketing materials, and  software narratives.
  • Execute design work that elevates the visual narrative and unifies the the strategic and partnership initiatives.
  • Provide Visual Design & visualization support for the office of the CIO.
  • Be instrumental in designing product demonstrations and product GUI specifications and prototypes, creating mechanisms to tell the product story (demos, video & interactive prototypes)
  • Assist in workshops & other processes to insert visual design and communication into our software development and branded deliverables
  • Prepare visual narratives for new initiatives and reviews
  • Participate in building and honing the visual quality and practice of preVIZ for Samsung NEXT
  • Help create mechanisms to tell visual narratives (via demos, video & interactive prototypes)
  • Observe, identify and optimize improvements for product experience across our global locations.


Samsung NEXT is a fast-moving startup inside a global conglomerate. We are designing and building the next phase of our larger mission to help entrepreneurs and innovators Build, Grow, and Scale software and services businesses. The suite of services and capabilities of NEXT allows us to meet and support innovators wherever they are, at any stage in their life cycle.

We are seeking a well-rounded design professional with strong relationship-building and creative skills to add to Samsung NEXT’s global design team. This role will partner with functional teams across Samsung NEXT to provide consultation, outreach and guidance to a variety of groups and individuals across the company.

This could be the perfect job for you, if:

You are a relationship-builder. You are open and approachable. You possess a sincere interest in people and in understanding what makes them tick. You establish trust easily and with a wide variety of individuals. You have a gift for connecting and relating with others.

You are an excellent listener and communicator. You listen intently. You write eloquently. Your communications are direct, visual, thoughtful and clear. You express yourself authentically in person and in writing. People seek your help with their own communication.

You remain curious. You like to gather information. You are observant, you ask questions and you strive to learn and understand. You look beyond the surface and connect the dots. You have insights; you are often able to see things and visualize ideas for others. A key outcome of your work is to provide clarity, inspiration and motivate action.

You are not afraid to roll up your sleeves and get into the work. Your creative fingerprints should willing to step in and get into the work or run the programs.  If you are a ‘Player/Coach’ with the creative fitness to both create and direct the work product, this ground floor opportunity allows for a unique kind of talent to grow and scale the creative muscle as we grow.

You are empathetic. You enjoy thinking things through from others point of view. You are capable of using empathy to design better processes and experiences for others. You anticipate pros and cons of various approaches. People trust your judgment because you have an empathetic POV.

You take ownership. You enjoy keeping balls in the air. You are motivated to keep the momentum going. You shift easily from tactical work to big picture work. You like some element of surprise in your day.

You are resourceful. You are comfortable with ambiguity and you roll with the punches when things change. You are motivated to find answers or solutions to Big. Hairy. Problems.

You care about being part of a team. You enjoy engaging with others to spark ideas and creativity. You are comfortable sharing your point of view, and open to changing your mind. You know how to navigate differences of opinion in a way that is supportive and considerate of your team. You believe in the power of “we”.

You have a passion for people. You enjoy looking for ways to improve efficiency and step up our quality and level of service.

Required skills and experience

  • 4+ years of high quality design execution. Must show experience with prominent mobile and web applications used at large scale.
  • 2+ years of experience working at a fast-paced startup environment.
  • Highly proficient in Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Invision and similar tools.
  • Ability to convey concepts through wireframes, flows, storyboards, and tight visual mockups.
  • Ability to execute a strong POV on design execution and quality work product. Should illustrate a strong understanding of composition, balance, symmetry, and white space.
  • Experience with designing for both mobile & web environments preferred
  • Excellent communication skills, comfortable with visually communicating precise detail, and preferably, a good sense of humor.
  • Ability to take in ambiguous goals, drive clarity and deliver results under pressure.
  • Must show strong design execution and experience in creatively leading initiatives
  • Well-honed consultative and coaching skills
  • Understands the importance of confidentiality and discretion.
  • Self-starter who is intrinsically motivated and owns his/her own success metrics.
  • Loves to have a lot of fun!

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