Entrepreneur in Residence: Monetizing APIs in the Samsung Cloud


What we are interested in

  • Innovating on a problem relevant to Samsung Electronics
  • Monetizing the Samsung Digital Appliances cloud through API or data access
  • Software-focused solutions (read: not hardware)
  • Ambitious plans to make substantial market progress in 6-12 months


Who you are



  • Have a track record of end-to-end project execution, preferably culminating in one or more successful products.
  • Demonstrate world-class expertise in a field of technology or business relevant to one or more of the focus areas of Samsung NEXT. This is frequently—but not always—evidenced by one or more successful companies, projects, or products.
  • Act with impatience and a burning desire to execute rapidly, along with a healthy skepticism for process.
  • Are a polished executive, including the ability to lead teams, communicate effectively, understand contracts and intellectual property, negotiate relationships, and manage schedules and budgets.
  • Possess a strong professional network within your domain of expertise



What you’ll get


You and your team* will be employees of Samsung NEXT. You’ll sit in our space in SoMa, surrounded by seed-stage startups and iterate on weekly feedback from the NEXT Start team. As a part of our ecosystem, a successful project owner will position their project to be [internally] acquired by another business unit of Samsung Electronics. In the meantime, you’ll have the best of both worlds: the flexibility, speed, and lean nature of a startup—with the resources of one of the world’s biggest corporations and electronics companies backing you.



  • Extraordinary access to Samsung Digital Appliance data, APIs, and documentation
  • Broad purview to pursue setting up a business in the US, packaging an offering to other companies, making initial sales, and writing any code required to maximize the opportunity of integrating the Samsung cloud with potential customers


Does this sound like you? If so, please send us a CV or bios for the core founding team and 1-2 pages describing how you’d pursue this project at Samsung NEXT. You can find us at [email protected].


*We often hire teams of 2–3 people at a time so you can start planning and building on Day 1.

Meet Some of Samsung NEXT's Employees

Vivian L.

Associate General Counsel

Focused mostly on facilitating investments for Samsung NEXT, Vivian works alongside the Ventures and Accelerator Teams as they identify and invest in companies, while also assisting the general counsel with legal issues as they arise.

Lily C.

Global Strategy & BizOps

The Strategy and BizOps Team act as the thought leaders and thinkers of the group, so Lily works to set the pace of progress and create compelling new avenues for development.

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