Job Description:

• Have an overall understanding in terms of Web or Digital Marketing related constructs
• Be able to understand and explain the whole Web or Digital Marketing cycle from: strategies -
conversions - revenue
• Understand Web and Digital Marketing tagging and measurement structure which are vital to
capture multiple campaign performance against key KPIs
• Be able to do data pulling, cleaning, manipulation and management from first and 3rd party
• Be able to identify data issues/problems and provide possible solutions to address or compensate
the current issue
• Design methodologies which seek to measure performance of multiple Web or Digital Marketing
related efforts
• Willing to deep dive into the data and get one's hands dirty if needed
• Produce valuable/usable inferences off the data which can be utilized by stakeholders to improve
overall Web or Digital Marketing efforts
• Handle vital regular or adhoc reports as requested by Web or Digital Marketing teams
• Be able to work closely and in harmony with other departments or teams
• Quickly understand new concepts or changes and apply them across multiple data or reporting
• Be able to adapt and ride along with the changes that is happening within the company
• Be proactive in terms of looking for possible improvements on current processes or methodologies
• Continuously grow, learn and develop ones' skills, career and personality


• 2+ years’ experience as Web or Digital Marketing Manager
• Degree in Math or Statistics or equivalent courses preferred
• Knowledgeable of different mathematical or statistical methods
• Highly experienced in working with analytics solutions: ranging from auditing, implementations,
data analysis & insight generation
• Strong experience with AB Test analysis
• Strong and deep understanding of different Web or Digital Marketing channels
• Strong experience with Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics
• Strong experience with multiple Web or Digital marketing tools (e.g., Adwords, Bing, Facebook
Ads, Google Search Console)
• Strong experience with different big data platforms (e.g. Excel, Access, Oracle, Hadoop or R)
• Very attentive to and be able to capture and address even the slightest details
• Good communication and interpersonal skills to clearly communicate processes, strategies and
general requirements

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