MGH-Power Truck Operator

2 months agoMontgomery, AL

Include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Must successfully complete and pass lift truck training classes or have lift truck license in good standing.

Will be responsible for safety checks of lift truck and maintenance check list.

Must be able to control the lift trucks forked and clamp device used for lifting, transporting, and lowering objects.

If lift truck is gas powered, operator must be able to successfully change empty tanks out for a full one.

Must be able to recharge batteries and/or replace battery, if needed.

Operator will be held responsible for maintaining a safe speed while keeping up with work center schedule.

Maintain good housekeeping in work area.

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Observe all departmental safety requirements.

Work from written or verbal orders.

Inspect units or parts for defects and workmanship.

Maintain quality standards according to specifications.

Practice and support Rheem values with internal as well as external customers.

Perform any additional duties as required by supervisor.

Working Environment:
May be exposed to high noise levels, fumes and airborne particles.


Minimum Education:
High School Diploma/GED

Physical Demands:

Frequent lifting of 1-5 lbs; Occasional lifting of 5-25 lbs. Must be able to stand, walk and/or lift repetitively during shift. Must be able to frequently lift in unsupported positions as well as bend, twist/turn, reach, push/pull. May be exposed to high noise levels, heat, dust and airborne particles. Must have vision skills acceptable for a lift truck license and the motor skills/climbing ability to safety board/operate the equipment.

Certificates Licenses Registrations:
Must successfully complete a company approves or sponsored lift truck operator certification program or hold a current lift truck license.

Client-provided location(s): Montgomery, AL, USA
Job ID: rheem-23000191