eCommerce Manager

Cyclegear.com eCommerce Manager Position Profile

The eCommerce manager is working as a business unit manager within RevZilla to drive CycleGear.com. RevZilla is the digital agency for its sister company Cycle Gear, the nation’s largest offline motorcycle aftermarket retailer, operating 115 physical stores in 33 states.

As the primary manager of the CycleGear.com direct business (CGD), this position is responsible for marshalling resources, prioritizing and helping “push the ball forward” to achieve the business goals while keeping internal RevZilla and Cycle Gear resources accountable and supporting the digital effort’s advancement. The position reports to the RevZilla CEO and is accountable for sales, customer experience, operational process and collaborative strategy relating to the growth of and performance of CGD. The eCommerce Manager will work closely with senior and executive leadership of both organizations to develop and execute the digital business. The role is a mixture of tactical, strategic and creative problem solving, working resourcefully to take CGD to the next level. RevZilla views CGD as a “customer segment” and this role will spend 100% of its time developing efficient and successful ways to serve the CGD customer through the use of budget and internal RevZilla resources. This position is not meant to take CGD from “zero to one”, but from “one to many”, evolving the current business and expanding upon the existing foundation. The right person is as equally excited about leading the effort as they are about rolling up their sleeves and developing solutions to new and existing digital and operational challenges.


  • Plan and Performance to plan for CycleGear.com
  • Digital customer experience / rating for CycleGear.com
  • eCommerce Strategy and Program Management for CycleGear.com
  • Promotional calendar & communication
  • Collaborating with, planning and allocating the following internal RevZilla functions as shared services:
    • Merchandising
    • Marketing
    • Creative
    • Digital Products
    • Tech
  • Working with marketing and web analytics to analyze site performance
  • Project Management
  • Support and prioritize requests from Cycle Gear Stores Organization
  • Facilitate healthy communication with Cycle Gear Stores Organization
  • Holding internal resources accountable and tracking their progress


  • Formalize and streamline operations within RevZilla as “Digital Agency”
  • 2017 Onsite Strategy & Campaigns
  • Collaborate on feature and digital product roadmap


  • B2C eCommerce business or segment operations management
  • Digital Marketing and/or eCommerce Strategy
  • Analysis and spreadsheet chops
  • Project Management


  • Omni channel experience
  • P&L Experience
  • Team building, hiring and firing experience
  • Motorcycle Knowledge / experience
  • Agile experience


  • Resourceful
  • Comfortable planning AND “in the weeds”
  • Hustles by default
  • Energized by change and building things
  • Detail oriented
  • An excellent communicator
  • Always ready for the ball
  • Results driven

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