Administrative Assistant

You are a highly-skilled, sharp-as-a-tack, detail-oriented, over-achieving, admin who has reached the limits of a typical work-a-day office drone environment. You’re looking for more - more challenges to accept, more teams to support, more deadlines to crush, more data to pull, more hats to wear, more notches to put in your belt.

They are two fast moving, contagiously-enthusiastic, executive team members who collectively work out of three buildings in two states, manage over seventy employees, and maintain excellent working relationships with every other department in the company. They also somehow find time to eat lunch every day, too, although their schedules are beginning to reach a breaking point.

Are you the Dual-Action Administrative Assistant they need? Are you able to keep two calendars, two inboxes, two desks, and two offices running smoothly while catching fly balls in the air and extinguishing fires before you can see the smoke?    

Job Summary:

The Administrative Assistant will report to and assist two executive team members and will be considered the right-hand person when dealing with both simple and complex issues of varying degrees of sensitivity relating to running their departments individually and the business as a whole. Under the direct guidance of these two managers, the Administrative Assistant will help facilitate workflows that make these managers more productive. The Administrative Assistant will divide his/her time between the two buildings that make up our South Philadelphia HQ campus and must be comfortable working in both a warehouse and office environment.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and schedule meetings
  • Manage calendars and email
  • Prepare and deploy correspondence
  • Event planning
  • Travel planning
  • General tasks both in and out of the office
  • Projects to manage
  • Data gathering and reporting

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Core Competencies:

  • Excellent communications skills, both written and verbal
  • Highly organized and a stickler for details
  • Professional
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Pro-active
  • Microsoft Office or Google Docs Software experience
    • Excel - advanced skills
  • Strong working knowledge of computers and Internet fluency
  • Ability to handle ever changing priorities in a high energy, fast paced environment
  • Crazy wrangling skills
  • Data, Communication, and Process Junky
  • Ability to move things along in a timely manner without nagging
  • Contract skills

Position Requirements:

  • Associate's degree or higher
  • 2+ years experience in an administrative role
    • eComm a plus
    • Warehouse environment a plus
  • Ability to work a schedule outside of normal business hours from time to time (not weekends)
  • Hustle
  • High degree of discretion
  • Grit and Gumption without insubordination
  • Have access to a vehicle

Physical Demands & Working Conditions:

  • Typical office environment and typical warehouse environment with exposure to varying temperatures on a regular basis
  • Telephone use with headset
  • Concentrated mental and visual attention for sustained periods
  • Repetitive hand motions
  • Requires walking, standing, and continuous sitting for long periods
  • Strong visual acuity
  • Repetitive hand motions
  • Requires walking, standing, and continuous sitting for long periods
  • Strong visual acuity


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