Customer Success Manager

We’re looking for someone to work closely with transit agencies around the United States and ensure their success using Remix. This includes training our new users, ensuring they have every opportunity to plan better transit, constant problem solving, and helping to guide our product roadmap. You’ll execute our success strategy with new and existing customers, and scale our team to accommodate a fast-growing base of Remix users.

Customer success requires a variety of skills: an inclination for customer service, a relentless desire to solve problems, the ability to engage others when teaching, and empathy with our users.

You’d be a good fit if:

  • You’ve delivered consultant or technology products or projects to a public agency
  • You can teach technical content comfortably, to large and small groups
  • You hear problems from others and have a burning desire to solve them
  • You can manage customer expectations when necessary
  • You have a fascination with communities of all sizes: large and small, rural and urban
  • You are a strong presenter, and are energized by spending the day speaking and listening to others
  • You have experience working with public transit agencies

What you’ll do:

  • Report to the Director of Customer Success to help guide the development and execution of our team’s overall success strategy
  • Be our primary point of contact for a portion of the Remix customer community
  • Continually teach, advise, and challenge our customers to ensure their success
  • Work closely with our growth team to win customer renewals
  • Ensure our product roadmap aligns with the needs of smaller transit agencies
  • Support other aspects of the customer experience such as training content, newsletter, and on-site events

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