Redfin Now Buyer - Chino/Corona

Redfin Now is modernizing the way homes are bought and sold. By purchasing homes directly from homeowners, Redfin Now brings a high level of convenience and certainty to the home selling process.

As a Buyer on the Redfin Now team, you'll interact with homeowners on a daily basis, visiting homes and preparing offers. You'll ensure Redfin makes a well-priced offer that enables us to resell the home quickly and at a profit, all while making sure homeowners have a wonderful experience selling their homes.

As a Redfin Now Buyer you will:

  • Value homes with uncanny accuracy utilizing an arsenal of tools, coupled with your market analysis expertise 
  • Meet with homeowners to verify the condition of the home, determine the closing date that best meets their needs, and present a personalized offer to purchase their home
  • Estimate home repairs and/or improvements needed to sell a home quickly, and for top dollar
  • Work closely with a Transaction Manager to see that they have what’s needed to deliver the homeowner an on-time closing

To succeed as a Redfin Now Buyer:

  • You're curious and analytical: from bedroom count to school district, you want to know what makes a home's value tick. You'll spend your time running the numbers, quickly and precisely.
  • Organization and flexibility are your friends: you’re meeting with a high volume of customers all hours of the day, and often on the road, yet nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Communication is key: you love talking to customers, colleagues, and vendors via all forms of communication and are just as comfortable picking up the phone as you are clacking out an email.
  • Real estate is your thing: you’re a licensed real estate agent and you've got experience as an agent, appraiser, lender or contractor. Knowing the difference between wood floors and laminate is in your DNA.

What You Earn
You earn a salary plus a bonus based on performance. We offer various full-family medical, dental, and vision plans, with minimal out-of-pocket expenses. Redfin also provides computer equipment, a cell-phone plan, and mileage reimbursement.

Meet Some of Redfin's Employees

Kahlil M.


With a focus on customer satisfaction, it’s Kahlil’s job to not only help clients with their home search but to ensure that the process goes smoothly from start to finish.

Stephanie S.

Software Developer

There are many things to consider when buying a home, so Stephanie and the Data Team make sure clients have all the information they need to purchase the perfect home.

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