Senior Software Engineer, Front End

Redbubble is an online community and retailer dedicated to all things creative! We are looking for passionate developers to join our growing Engineering team so that we can keep delivering great features for our artists. We have big ambitions, and are looking to scale the team to match them.

Our goal is to empower creativity in many online forms and so our challenges are both big and small. Right now, we are one of the largest Rails sites in the world, and we process over 20M requests per day - and growing. We utilize many technologies to make this a smooth ride: Rails, Amazon Web Services, Solr and Linux. In addition, we have a modern front-end stack, targeting modern browsers (IE10+) and using SCSS and BEM methodologies. An intuitive and beautiful interface is part of every feature we release. We're constantly looking at trends in web design and looking to apply them.


One of the benefits of being a young, growing company is that we have a fresh culture. We believe that the best software is designed, written, tested and deployed by small, nimble, cross-functional teams. As an engineer, you will be involved in every step of the process, from inception to launch. Everyone contributes to business direction and has the opportunity to see their ideas come to fruition; whether you're someone who likes to optimise or a creator with new ideas, everyone gets airtime. This liberates us to deliver faster than most of us have worked before, and with higher quality.

You can read more about the sorts of things we get up to at

 You Want

  • The opportunity to work for a company that makes a difference to people's lives
  • An environment where open, honest feedback is the norm and where you will find yourself encouraged to fulfill your potential
  • Create a vision for our front end stack and guide implementation
  • To experiment and use data to drive decision making
  • To be able to release code multiple times a day, while handling the challenges of scale

You Have

  • Advanced knowledge of Javascript architecture and organisation, including the use of frameworks
  • Experience in how to use create and implement extensive component libraries 
  • The ability to write tested, comprehensible, scalable code
  • Bring insights into the challenges facing a high-traffic, public website
  • A pragmatic grasp of the benefits of agile and lean
  • Strong experience designing and building web applications
  • Advanced experience in BDD and testing frameworks
  • Excellent communication and ability to empower others
  • Solid experience in leading a team of Engineers

Your Privacy: If you apply for a job or contract with us we will collect the personal information that you provide as part of your application. We may also collect personal information from recruitment consultants, previous employers, referees and publicly available sources to help us decide whether to offer you the job or contract.

Meet Some of Redbubble's Employees

Steve J.

Customer Experience Hero

Steve engages with the social community in order to help answer customer inquiries and offer solutions to any issues artists and users experience with the website.

Sam H.

Data Analyst

Sam makes stories from data collected from all of Redbubble's teams—using different analytical techniques and his tech skills to understand information and solve problems for the company.

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