Full-Stack Software Engineer

About us

At the heart of Redbubble is a community of creative independent artists who make their creations available on a number of lifestyle products. An iPhone case with a hipster pirate. A pillow with pink flamingos. A sweetheart mug. Whatever your thing is, Redbubble has that unique product you didn’t even know you were looking for. As for the people behind the site, we’re passionate, imaginative, and a little offbeat.  An inspired mix.  Our mission is to create the world’s largest marketplace for independent artists and we hope you want to join us on our journey to help bring more creativity into the world.

A wee bit of background

Our Melbourne office is looking for a Full Stack Engineer to work closely with our Web Product team. It is a nimble, lean and extremely talented cross-functional team where your contributions will be critical in setting the stage as we scale for growth. Right now we are one of the largest Rails sites in the world, and we process over 20M requests per day (and that's growing fast!). We utilise many technologies to make this a smooth ride: Rails, Amazon Web Services, Solr and React.js and we deploy multiple times a day.  In addition, we have a modern front-end stack, targeting new browsers (IE10+) and using SCSS and BEM methodologies.  As a Full Stack Engineer, you will be involved in every step of the process, from inception to launch. Everyone contributes to business direction and has the opportunity to see their ideas come to life; whether you're someone who likes to optimise or a creator with new ideas, everyone gets airtime. This liberates us to deliver faster than most of us have worked before, and with higher quality.  Innovation is not a secret club at Redbubble, we want to empower everyone to be inventive, to test, to revolutionise and to commit to to always getting it better. Quite possibly the dream engineering job!  

Problems you’ll solve:

  • You will work with data scientists and data analysts to experiment and find innovative ways for our buyers to find that unique and relevant piece of artwork. We have 13 million+  artworks,and over 45 products. That’s a lot of combinations!
  • We have a 3 sided marketplace, and you will work with our Product Designers & Managers to understand the complexities of them all to create a balanced and consistent user experience across all of them.
  • You’ll get to improve our quality of code and contribute to the team becoming a well oiled machine.
  • You’ll release code multiple times a day, while handling the challenges of scale.
  • Creating intuitive and beautiful interfaces is an important part of every features we release, so customer centric thinking is at the heart of what we do. We are constantly looking at trends in web design and test them with our artists and customers, we also have a great A/B testing framework setup that helps us test and interpret results quickly.  

Impact you’ll make:

  • The opportunity to work for a company that makes a difference to people's lives.
  • You’ll own the product all the way through.
  • We are flexible on the way you work, and receptive to improving standards / processes.
  • Opportunities to be involved in user testing, become familiar with our users and artists and use this knowledge to build better products.
  • Experiment and use data to driven decision making across the wider business.

What you’ll bring to the Bubble: 

  • Insight/interest into the challenges facing a high-traffic, public site.
  • A pragmatic grasp of the benefits of agile and lean.
  • Ideally, experience in designing and building web applications focused on customers.
  • The ability to write tested, comprehensible, scalable code.
  • Experience with TDD and ideally A/B testing.
  • Some experience /interest in learning deployment and infrastructure (this is an end to end role).
  • You have an Intuitive nature and are not afraid to try out new things.
  • Interested in new technologies and process, to explore new ways to solve interesting & complex problems.

Life Inside the Bubble

And because it all starts with our people, we have perks that will make you fall in love with us even more like including free breakfast and lunch, daily meditation sessions, and a generous personal learning budget to keep you up to date with the latest tech trends! We also pride ourselves on transparency, compassion for our people and having a safe inclusive environment where everyone has the freedom and confidence to be their full self. Just to seal the deal, you’ll get heaps of flexibility on how you work and be part of a culture where anything is possible. Our values help you embrace the challenges, and to have the courage to fail and learn brilliant lessons, all while having fun. Come explore your aspirations with us and maybe take a peek at the sorts of things our TechTeam is up to atArt+Tech too.

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