Bioinformatics Scientist

Join the Cooper genomics(Recombine) Team as a Bioinformatics Scientist

Want to be a part of clinical and translational research studies that could lead to the development of new and innovative genetic testing products? Are you process-oriented and take pride in your analyses? Are you comfortable working both independently and in collaboration with others developing quantitative models and algorithms? If yes, come work with us as a Bioinformatics Scientist!

What is Cooper genomics(Recombine)?

Cooper genomics(Recombine) seeks to develop the most comprehensive and cost-effective patient-and-doctor friendly approach to genetic testing. Our product, CarrierMap, helps identify couples at risk of passing a genetic disease to their children by testing before pregnancy. Our company was founded by experts in fertility, clinical genetics, bioinformatics and computer science brought together with one goal in mind: to improve health outcomes based on accessible and actionable genetic testing.

Why Work at Cooper genomics(Recombine)?

  • Above all, you will be working on a team with some of the most passionate and intelligent scientists in the fields of fertility and genetics.
  • You will be a part of an enthusiastic and collaborative team that is focused on bringing genetic testing to a wide audience.
  • We find the right people to help us find the best solution to every problem. In your position, you will have the opportunity to help grow Cooper genomics(Recombine) and build the culture that will revolutionize genetics.
  • We have partnered with some of the top IVF Clinics in the country. Our team and advisors are routinely recognized for their work in reproductive genetics. We work with and employ many of the luminaries in this field.
  • We love to solve difficult problems, and we are constantly looking to innovate. This culture of continual innovation is one of the greatest fulfillment of the job.


What Role Will I Fill?

  • Innovate on new methods / processes to interpret our growing genomic "big data" store.
  • Design and implement data mining algorithms that would open avenues for new research & product
  • Quickly prototype analysis methods for new machines, chemistries and laboratory methods.
  • Be up-to-date with new technologies and advances in genomics
  • Be part of a global R&D team and collaborate with QC and Product Teams to develop new tools
  • Design computing strategy in a High Performance Computing (HPC) environment for algorithm development and optimization and be comfortable with computing infrastructure for processing NGS data (local vs. Amazon cloud, etc.)
  • Contribute research findings to abstracts and publications and be able to present at conferences.

What Qualifications, Skills & Abilities Should I Have?

  • Ph.D/Masters in Bioinformatics, Biostatistics or another quantitative discipline
  • Working knowledge of developing sequencing pipelines and various genomic tools (BEDTools, SAMtools, sequence aligners, GATK, Bioconductor)
  • Clear understanding of genetics and genetic basis of diseases
  • Fluent with Bioinformatics databases (UCSC, NCBI, Ensembl etc.)
  • Fluent in modern programming languages (e.g. Python, R, Ruby, Scala etc.), shell scripting, databases (Postgres, MySQL etc) and text file processing
  • Previous practical experience implementing statistical principles and machine learning algorithms to large genomic datasets is a plus
  • Curious and pragmatic. We want you to be excited about the project and able to ask the right questions
  • Comfortable with problem-solving and the ability to identify and resolve issues quickly
  • Strong verbal communication skills and ability to discuss data, modeling, and analysis with technical and non-technical audiences
  • Experience working with cloud environments (AWS, gCloud) is preferred

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Meet Some of Recombine's Employees

Neha K.

Chief Product Officer

Neha works with the Product Team to bring all of Recombine’s products to clients. She oversees all of Recombine’s current products, manages production pipelines, and helps plan future launches and commercialization efforts.

Paul F.

Chief Technology Officer

Paul leads an agile team of engineers and data analysts to develop Recombine’s platforms and engineering testing grounds, including lab automation and using compelling technologies to analyze raw data.

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