Senior Software Engineer - Client Side Engineering

JavaScript has changed the way we build apps, not only on the web, but also on the desktop and on that device you have in your pocket or even on your wrist.  From Node to Electron, browsers and mobile, Angular and React, it’s become less about the language itself and more about the APIs and tools you can leverage to make the world a better place or to build useful, usable, well thought out applications. 

The way we work is also changing.  With more users from all disciplines increasingly leveraging devices and high speed data to work together all over the world, the tools we’re building at ReadyTalk are increasingly important.

Scared?  Excited?  Adventurous?  All three?  This is a great time to be a JS developer and ReadyTalk is a great place to be.  

We’re looking for dedicated, curious, and passionate developers who can wade the seas of frameworks and engineer clever solutions in an environment that is, well, fun.  This isn’t some “full-stack developers wanted” recruitment spam.  This is a fun job in a growing industry with smart and capable engineers.  If any of that compels you, come play with us.  


  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science or equivalent degree
  • Flexibility to work outside of business hours as a release schedule requires


  • Design and develop web, desktop, and mobile applications
  • Work with product management to define user features and scope releases


  • Problem solving. How do we make a task easier? How do we make it run more efficiently? How do we make it more maintainable and stable?
  • What’s on the horizon in web development? What’s been done and what doesn’t work?
  • Ability to share your ideas and work with other awesome engineers in a collaborative environment.
  • Understand the Agile development lifecycle.

Technical Skills

  • 5+ years’ experience with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS skills
  • Highly proficient in client side engineering
  • Experience with NodeJs, AngularJS,
  • Full stack development
  • Experience in platform integrations and cross-platform compatibility
  • Proficient using build processes and tools: Gradle, Gulp, or Jenkins
  • Knowledge surrounding platform architecture a big plus
  • Can you use a *nix shell?
  • Scripting languages! Groovy, Bash...ksh?

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