Line Technician - Powder Operations


The Role

  • Must understand and exhibit Core MJN Behaviors daily.
  • Successfully complete training and sign-off as a Powder Operator in the Blending & Filling/Pouching operations within 90 days. Must thoroughly understand the product flow, function and the operation of all equipment necessary to process the product.
  • Will train and assist other Powder Operators in the Blending and Filling/Pouching operations.
  • Know, understand and perform the set-up, operation and loading of components, changeover, adjustment, inspection, lubrication, cleaning, shutdown, and preventative maintenance of BIBBIT blending and filling operations including, but not limited to, weighing, staging of materials, dumping of materials, filling machines, and testing of pouches. The Blender/Filler Operator position requires the flexibility to perform each operation as material supply and relieve for breaks and lunches.
  • Performs raw material check weighing and check scanning prior to use in the processing using the WINS System.
  • Ensures compliance with Manufacturing Batch Record (MBR) at all times. Prepares and/or approves necessary paperwork. This includes, but is not limited to, MBR calculations and sign-offs, daily cleanup sheets and work orders.
  • Assures proper quantities of pre-weighed materials are available and used. Dump ingredients into blenders.
  • Unload, inspect and hook up Super Sacks of dry blending materials.
  • Performs duties associated with bulk material handling.
  • Accurately maintains computerized documents. Completes all necessary transactions, reports and documentation. Maintain accurate and complete logbook of daily operations and recognize problems and trends.
  • Operate, monitor and performs changeovers on Fillers and additional pouch filling equipment.
  • Performs appropriate clean ups in the filling room.
  • Disassembles and assembles machinery for product changeovers. Is familiar with and understands all control system applications and trouble-shooting techniques and procedures. Learn to recognize any failures in equipment or differences in product. Failures can result in either a reprocess of product or a loss of an entire batch.
  • Performs and documents product quality control testing as specified in SOP's and Batch Records including packaging component checks, fill weights, Oxygen content and seal quality.
  • Performs assigned preventative maintenance on equipment.
  • Is familiar with all alarms and their control points, taking required action when necessary. Generate critical process parameter sheets upon the completion of bulk product batches. Must be familiar with and understand Blending & Filling/Pouching operations, both by manual and computerized control procedures.
  • Must follow written procedures and directions to control flow of product through various stages to meet manufacturing instructions and equipment as specified by the process control system or through manual instruction or operation.
  • Maintains control of the batch product and product segregation to prevent any intermixing.
  • Performs the necessary line hook-ups and operate the programmable CIP unit (6 line circuits) to clean the appropriate processing line circuits and product vessels.
  • Performs the set-up, operation and adjustment procedures for all programmable CIP (Clean-In-Place) and COP (Clean-Out-Of-Place) cleaning systems, detergent metering pumps and associated equipment to assure satisfactory cleaning of various tanks, processing equipment and piping circuits. Also be able to manually operate the systems as well as by computerized operating procedures. Results of the monitoring tests must be recorded on the appropriate daily clean-up sheets.
  • Must understand the purpose of each chemical detergent used in all cleaning procedures and must be aware and take precautions against all safety hazards when handling said chemicals.
  • Must maintain adequate supply of detergent & chemicals, notifying appropriate personnel of inventory shortages.
  • Must know, understand and perform manual clean-up tasks on all equipment, equipment parts, floors, etc. not capable of being cleaned-in-place. Must operate COP (Clean-Out-Of-Place) tanks to clean gaskets, pipes, etc. Must use porta-washer and foamer to clean processing equipment.
  • Keep all work areas, including facilities and equipment, clean, safe and orderly.
  • Perform other duties as assigned, and notify appropriate personnel of any unusual situations.
  • Is knowledgeable in and follows all GMP guidelines for Powder Operations.
  • Is knowledgeable in and follows all aspects of the site's HACCP program.
  • Is knowledgeable in and follows all site Safety, Ergonomics and Environmental Quality guidelines.
  • Understands the key performance metrics for the Blending/Pouching Operation, tracks their progress on his/her shift, communicates discrepancies and drives improvement plans for these metrics.

About You

  • Knowledgeable in and follows all GMP guidelines for Powder Operations, all aspects of the site's HACCP program and follows all site Safety, Ergonomics and Environmental Quality guidelines.
  • Knowledgeable and familiar with the SAP system (inventory), WINS system (Unitizing, weigh sheets, check scan, etc.).
  • Equipment and Facility cleaning and documentation, Hazards (CIP Chemicals, raw materials) and SOP Database.
  • The ability to train other operators, lift up to 50 lbs, bending, etc.
  • Computer knowledge (email, training programs, i.e., LEX Review, etc.)

As a manufacturing operator, you will need the ability to check information both quickly and accurately, the ability to follow work instructions in practical work related settings, the ability to apply basic rules of arithmetic as well as demonstrate the ability to trouble shoot and problem solve mechanical issues.

High school diploma or equivalent required.

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