Senior Motion Graphics Designer/Animator

At a glance:

This is a senior level animator position in Portland, Oregon creating motion graphic elements, visualizing and developing motion techniques in the post production environment. You will get the opportunity to contribute to our client's campaigns that inform and delight viewers.

What does a Senior Motion Graphics Designer/Animator do at R2C Group?

R2C Group is unique in that we have our own in-house production company so the ability to work on multiple clients projects with multiple deadlines is key to the success of the person in the role.

  • Work directly with the creative, production and post team to help conceptualize new and original ideas.

  • Help conceptualize ideas appropriate for given assignments while keeping the client, schedule and budget in mind.
  • Design projects and collaborate with Art Directors and Designers on the overall look of the project.
  • Utilize specialty capabilities such as 3D modeling for broadcast and wed deliverables.
  • Coordinate with sound post-production facility and mastering edited material.
  • Develop and implement procedures that have streamlined our workflow both internally and with vendors.

  • Keep up to date on the latest technologies in motion graphics animation that ensures continued success for our agency's creative services.

  • Bring innovation and resolution to our production team.
  • Comprehension of design, motion, color theory and typography.
  • Make relevant hardware and software recommendations.

  • Coordinate with team members during pre-production and post production.

  • Communicate flawlessly across teams, driving concepts and working closely with others to help deliver top-quality work.
  • Effectively provide creative solutions and strategy among clients and colleagues.
  • Work with your team as well as vendors to complete assignments and projects within deadlines.

What makes a great Senior Motion Graphics Designed/Animator at R2C Group?

  • At least five years motion graphic and editing experience, Agency experience a plus!
  • Expert in Adobe Suite (After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator).
  • Proficient in Premier and specialty software including Cinema 4D, Nuke and Maya.
  • Strong knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch.
  • Direct response experience and knowledge of production, client services and post-production.
  • Thorough knowledge of the intricacies and details of design composition.
  • Highly skilled at managing multiple projects and divergent schedules.
  • A passion for creative problem-solving.
  • A keen eye for quality.
  • Strengths in both strategic thinking and detail-orientation.
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines and changing needs.
  • Embodiment of R2C Group's Core Values.

Why work at R2C Group?

  • We do a thing we call Transactional Brand Building. That is, we deliver on our clients' brand and sales objectives at the same time, with the same work and the same media plan. We measure our clients' sales results daily - per transaction, so you and your clients can see the tangible results of your work. It's an exhilarating standard to live up to.
  • There are about 220 of us, so we're big enough to handle major projects, but small enough that we all know each other.
  • We are collaborative. We care about, appreciate, and respect each other. No throwing under buses.
  • Transparency. We all know how the company is doing and where we're going, collectively and individually.
  • We have a large and diverse roster of clients, and we get our revenue from a variety of sources, so we're built for stability.
  • You'll get to work on a variety of accounts, with different team members, so you'll never be bored.
  • We are privately held, so we answer only to our clients and to each other.

See Inside the Office of R2C Group

R2C Group transcends what’s possible from a typical advertising agency by focusing on Transactional Brand Building—they don’t separate branding from selling, instead doing both simultaneously. They bring the entire creative strategy to life using innovate analytics to optimize and fine-tune to ensure every campaign is a smashing success. The agency's pioneering approach to marketing is a one-of-a-kind experience for clients and employees.

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