Paid Social Assistant Specialist

We are excited to announce that R2C Group is now Rain!

At a glance:

This is a junior-level position that provides day-to-day paid social media execution for performance and branding campaigns and works closely with our internal team members in our Portland, Oregon office.

What does the Paid Social Assistant Specialist do at Rain?

Provide day-to-day support to directly impact business success for our paid social campaigns with internal team members.

  • Oversee media campaign performance by monitoring pacing, key KPIs, and implementing optimizations.
  • Execute and optimize paid social campaigns, finding opportunities across platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat.
  • Assist with developing direct response and branding recommendations utilizing the best mix of paid social best practices and tactics.
  • Prepare and distribute partner communications.
  • Follow internal processes and ensure correct implementation across campaigns.
  • Constantly monitor campaign performance and pacing, looking for optimization opportunities using a methodical framework to achieve goals and maximize results.

Assist with digital media planning and execution

  • Help to represent paid social within internal meetings and provide support for external needs.
  • Implement best practices and collaborate to drive results.
  • Work closely with your team and partners to develop strong working relationships.

Effectively manage your workload.

  • Efficiently execute assigned tasks and manage your responsibilities to ensure quality of work.
  • Maintain and adhere to agency process documents.
  • Act as an important part of the Digital Media team working closely for the best interest of the clients and by extension the success of the agency.
  • Contribute and participate with the ongoing growth of the Digital Media team including planning, training and skill development.

What makes a great Paid Social Assistant Specialist at Rain?

  • Experience with hands-on paid social execution experience.
  • Paid Search experience a plus.
  • Agency experience is a plus.
  • Technical knowledge of social media buying platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).
  • Experience with reporting, tracking, and developing campaign insights.
  • Willingness to go above and beyond for your clients' needs including travel when necessary and some extended work days.
  • Detailed budget management.
  • Creative and strategic problem solver.
  • Strong project management skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office - strengths in Excel and PowerPoint are a must!
  • Appreciation of Rain's Core Values.

Why work at Rain?

  • We are a national leader in DTC marketing.
  • We do a thing we call Transactional Brand Building. That is, we deliver on our clients' brand and sales objectives at the same time, with the same work and the same media plan. We measure our clients' sales results daily - per transaction, so you and your clients can see the tangible results of your work. It's an exhilarating standard to live up to.
  • There are about 220 of us, so we're big enough to handle major projects, but small enough that we all know each other.
  • We are collaborative. We care about, appreciate, and respect each other. No throwing under buses.
  • Transparency. We all know how the company is doing and where we're going, collectively and individually.
  • We have a large and diverse roster of clients, and we get our revenue from a variety of sources, so we're built for stability.
  • You'll get to work on a variety of accounts, with different team members, so you'll never be bored.
  • We are privately held, so we answer only to our clients and to each other.

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