Medical Data Reviewer


Review structured clinical patient data output without direct access to medical charts to ensure medical plausibility and determine adherence to protocol and overall completeness and readiness of the supplied patient information for next level of review.


Serve as a Subject level Data reviewer (SLDR) and identify any anomalies in patient reported data by performing Subject Level Data Review that require further investigation with the clinical site to determine overall accuracy

Review all inclusion and exclusion criteria to ensure each patient meets minimum level of acceptance into the clinical trial

Review investigation product dosing records to determine adherence to protocol and identify possible inaccurate / missed dosages

Review all reported Adverse Events (AEs) , Concomitant Medication and medical history information to ensure all supporting information is expected and/or implausible data is verified and adherence to protocol expectations and its impact on other patient reported/observed information (e.g., laboratory results, AEs, etc.)

Ensure end-of-treatment (EOT) and end-of-study (EOS) information is correctly documented to determine primary reason for the patient ending treatment or ending participation in the clinical trial

Review all laboratory results to ensure completeness of information and adherence to protocol schedule of events and determine if reported laboratory values represent a potential safety condition not reported in the AE information for the patient

Review any other information as necessary to determine overall readiness of the patient information for next level review

Interaction with other Medical review staff to verify information and/or triage new data issues or prior identified action items

Serve as POC/ Back-up POC

Attend Kick-Off meetings, weekly team meetings, and client meetings, as needed or requested.

May act as a Clinical Data Scientist for performing data analytics by reviewing the visualizations and identify potential issues of concern

All responsibilities are essential job functions unless noted as nonessential (N).


Understanding of clinical/medical data.

Background in Medical Terminology, Pharmacology, Anatomy, and Physiology

Excellent motivational, influencing and coaching skills

Ability to work on multiple projects and manage competing priorities

Strong customer focus skills

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with coworkers, managers and clients

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with coworkers, managers and clients



Bachelor’s degree or educational equivalence; or High School diploma or educational equivalence and 5 years’ related work experience in Clinical practice or clinical research related field, or equivalent combination of education, training and experience Page 2


Extensive use of telephone and face-to-face communication requiring accurate perception of speech

Extensive use of keyboard requiring repetitive motion of fingers

Regular sitting for extended periods of time

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