Intern, position will be based in Israel (Recent Life- and Medical Science graduates will also be considered) This will be a fixed term contract


Closely supervised entry level duties structured to provide an opportunity for professional work exposure. The experience will provide knowledge of methods, procedures and standards which contributes to professional development and imparts bona fide education experience. This job is for a fixed duration not to exceed 12 months, with no guarantee to subsequent employment with the Company. Regional/country variations in Internship tenure may apply.


  • Shadows and learns functions and or projects under the close supervision of a department employee.
  • Assignments are assigned to enhance and build upon the academic experience and the Intern is the primary beneficiary of this job. This job is designed to offer a professional work environment experience, two-way communication tactics, and exposure to the Quintiles organizational structure.
  • Assignments will reflect the work being accomplished within the business department and may include working on independent projects or as a member of a project team.
  • Performs other duties /learning activities as directed.


  • Appropriate verbal and written communication skills to function within a professional work environment.
  • Working knowledge of MS –Office suite of applications


  • Pursuing BS/BA or a community college /vocational certification course
  • A variety of majors /courses are considered based on specific needs of the department
  • Prefer junior or senior (i.e. in the last 1 or 2 years of the program), but will consider other class levels, as appropriate. Regional/country variations may apply.


The bullets listed below are examples of typical physical requirements for many jobs. Please remove or add requirements as necessary.

  • Extensive use of keyboard requiring repetitive motion of fingers.
  • Extensive use of telephone and face-to-face communication requiring accurate perception of speech.
  • Regular sitting for extended periods of time.

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