Software Engineer

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology or a related field
  • 2 years of experience in programming, software testing and design, and database management as it relates to software development
  • Programming or related experience in one or more of the following: C#, HTML, .NET, PHP, Java or Progress
  • Software testing and design experience
  • Database-related experience
  • Experience in general software development methodologies
  • Experience in front-end technologies such as Angular or React
  • Direct experience in .NET and SQL Server
  • Strong experience in building ASP.NET applications
  • Strong understanding of IIS/Webservice/XML/XSL
  • Strong experience in all aspects of the software life cycle, including design and testing

Job Summary
The Software Engineer analyzes user needs and uses various programming languages to develop, improve, test and/or maintain software that meets user needs. These responsibilities require the Software Engineer to take an active role in design and code reviews, assist with delivery estimates and provide feedback about all aspects of the process.

  • Design, develop or modify software by using various programming languages, depending on the product
  • Modify existing software to fix errors, improve the overall quality and functionality, or update integrations with other software
  • Analyze user needs to determine how software should be built or if existing software should be modified
  • Develop and/or perform software automated testing procedures, solutions and frameworks to ensure software is functioning as needed and as it should
  • Translate business requirements and specifications into usable and scalable software
  • Process and understand capabilities and limitations of data outputs from the software
  • Participate in design and code reviews
  • Assist with delivery estimates
  • Determine and execute the software deployment process

Who We Are
Nexsys Technologies is a financial technology company founded by mortgage IT experts to create and deliver innovative solutions for smarter lending processes. The company's core product, Nexsys Clear Path®, is the evolution of provider management. As a real-time solution for the management of mortgage-related transactions, orders, provider performance and service allocations, Nexsys Clear Path is one system to manage millions of mortgage-related transactions across thousands of service providers. In 2016 and 2017, Nexsys Technologies was recognized as one of the most innovative technology companies in housing by being named a HousingWire "Tech100" award recipient. The company is based in Detroit with clients and integrated service providers all across the United States.

This is an outline of the primary responsibilities of this position. As with everything in life, things change. The tasks and responsibilities can be changed, added to, removed, amended, deleted and modified at any time by the leadership group.

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